The Challenge: Jordan Wiseley says he called out ‘completely unsafe’ equipment on Ride or Dies set

jordan wisely in the challenge ride or dies episode 17
Jordan Wiseley says he called out unsafe equipment on Ride or Dies. Pic credit: MTV

Jordan Wiseley from The Challenge recently revealed that he called out the show’s safety precautions while on set during Ride or Dies filming.

Based on Jordan’s comments, he made a big deal about the goggles they gave out, which he felt were inadequate for the Challengers.

His remarks arrive after the airing of Episode 17, which featured TJ Lavin’s final getting started in Argentina, and one finalist suffering a brutal injury.

During the event, viewers saw rookie Olivia Kaiser’s tough injuries, including a horrific mishap when the giant slingshot she fired backfired, shooting a golf ball into her face and breaking it in multiple places.

It resulted in the former Love Island star being taken away in an ambulance for medical attention, with Olivia and her partner Horacio Gutierrez unable to continue competing in the final.

This report will contain spoilers from The Challenge: Ride or Dies season.

This past week, the first part of the intense Ride or Dies final aired on MTV, with TJ revealing the competitors would participate in a 100-hour event testing their physical and mental abilities. The winning duo would get $1 million in prize money.

From the get-go, it was obvious this one was going to be grueling. While the rookies Olivia and Horacio had held their own throughout the Ride or Dies season, Olivia tore her finger during a checkpoint where finalists had to successfully toss ten bolas across a field onto a set of vertical bars.

That bloody injury was one of two that Olivia would suffer and the least severe. While she managed to get bandaged up and move forward in the final, a checkpoint where competitors had to knock out targets using a large slingshot and golf balls is what took Olivia out.

While trying to steady her shot with the lack of all her fingers to aim, something went awry, with the slingshot getting twisted and backfiring horrifically.

MTV’s @thechallenge shared an Instagram video showing the footage of the gruesome injury that caused Olivia to become a bloody mess, needing to get taken away via ambulance.

It’s now emerged that fellow costar Jordan Wiseley called out the “completely unsafe” equipment.

Jordan says he called out ‘completely unsafe’ equipment on Ride or Dies

In an Instagram comment, Olivia’s castmate Jordan mentioned that “science class goggles” were handed out for one of the daily challenges. Jordan said he spoke up about the inadequate safety precautions.

A super fan and podcast account about The Challenge, @mostlikelytwopod, captured a screenshot of Jordan’s remarks in which he called out the “cheap a** googles” that could’ve “blinded” Olivia if they were used during the slingshot checkpoint.

“We should be given top of the line snowboard/motorcross goggles with lenses that don’t shatter,” Jordan said, adding, “Even when we compete in eliminations they give us these s**t goggles that fog up immediately. It’s completely unsafe and I don’t understand how we don’t have better equipment.”

Jordan Wiseley comment about safety
Pic credit: @mostlikelytwopod/Instagram

As seen in the post above, Olivia was among the commenters responding to Jordan’s remark, saying “this” with an emoji for praising hands.

The slingshot checkpoint didn’t include any sort of protection for competitors from the neck up, such as the goggles Jordan suggested or helmets similar to what players wear in certain eliminations.

The Challenge stars react to Olivia’s bloody injury

Even though Olivia and Horacio saw their chances to win $1 million in the Ride or Dies final end with that horrific injury, it brought the former Love Island winner a ton of respect.

Some of her Season 38 castmates and other Challenge alum commented about Olivia’s efforts during the final.

“Mad respect for the toughness and grit!” wrote Hunter Barfield.

Total Madness winner Jennifer West and All Stars 3 OG Nia Moore called Olivia a “bada**” in praising her for weathering the injury.

“Such a horrific accident but that woman has tremendous heart. I would’ve fainted or started panicking at the sight of that much blood and she kept it reasonably cool,” Nia wrote, adding, “Can’t wait to see her come back and kick a**.”

cast from the challenge react olivia injury
Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

Additional comments arrived from three-time Challenge winner Derrick Kosinski as well as Olivia’s Ride or Dies teammate Horacio.

“That’s my RIDE OR DIEEE!” Horacio wrote. “Grateful & blessed for the opportunity and the support! Gracias!!!”

cast from the challenge reacts to olivia injury
Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

By now, it’s no secret that MTV’s The Challenge has upped the ante regarding the show’s daily challenges, eliminations, and overall production. One would think the show’s competitors should be protected at all costs from serious injuries like Olivia’s or much worse.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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