The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 6 recap: Jay and Michele in hot seat ahead of The Zone elimination

jay starrett appears in the challenge ride or dies episode 6
Jay Starrett during The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 6. Pic credit: MTV

The episode opened with The Challengers returning to the house after Laurel Stucky and Jakk Maddox won the elimination. Michele Fitzgerald said her anxiety was at a major high after sending them in.

Olivia Kaiser and Laurel spoke about how Michele was cheering for the rookies at the elimination. In confessional, Laurel said Michele’s “just annoying” at this point and wants her to go away.

Early in the episode, the cast went to a bar for a party scene. Nelson Thomas and Kenny Clark were shown playing Jenga. Other castmates were shown dancing or talking strategies.

Aneesa Ferreira and Jordan Wiseley talked about how having one hand propelled him to be great at competitive things. Johnny Bananas and Nany Gonzalez gushed over their Ride or Dies friendship at the bar.

A day later, Jay Starrett was working out outside with other cast members, including Jakk, who said he meant that he was a piece of garbage when he said it. Jay said in confessional that at least they were talking.

Laurel spoke with castmate Moriah Jadea about how she felt hurt by Horacio Gutierrez, who confessed he was talking to a girl back home whom he was pursuing as a girlfriend. Laurel said she didn’t have anything to say to him.

Horacio spoke to Olivia about a “misunderstanding” between him and Laurel. He said it ended up hurting Laurel, and that hurts him too. Olivia suggested Horacio chat with her to get on the same page.

Competitors play Down the Line daily challenge

TJ Lavin greeted the cast and introduced them to the “bad***” challenge, Down the Line. It involved racing to a colored zone to dig up two bags of puzzle pieces from the dirt. 

After they dug up their first bag, one teammate had to race to a platform to turn a crank and release a stopper on a zipline. When they had both bags of puzzle pieces, they’d go down the zipline, drop into the water, and then swim to shore. The team to solve their word puzzle on the shore the fastest out would win.

There were two heats for the daily challenge. During the first heat, Bananas and Nany were having issues, as Bananas was joking around a lot and Nany was getting irritated. Ultimately, Jay and Michele won the first heat.

The second heat went to the rookies, as Olivia and Horacio solved their word puzzles before all the other duos.

After the event, TJ revealed that the winners were Jay and Michele for the second-straight daily challenge. That put them in charge of elimination decisions, just like in Ride or Dies Episode 5.

Tough decisions arrive for Jay and Michele again

Later, Michele talked to Amber Borzotra about her tough decisions. Michele said she felt she was protecting way too many people in the game. In confessional, Amber said she felt bad for Michele but was also worried she might pick her and Chauncey Palmer.

Later, Michele and Jay met with Aneesa and Jordan about who they would put in. Jordan said they would come for them if they kept sending them in.

At deliberation, Jay and Michele decided on the following four teams: Laurel with Jakk, Bananas with Nany, Aneesa with Jordan, and Kaycee with Kenny.

At the interrogations, Laurel suggested that they could work with Jay and Michele if she and Jakk returned to the house. In confessional, Jakk felt Laurel was using her “poker face” at the moment with them.

Jay and Michele told Bananas and Nany they chose them with Kayee and Kenny to give them a chance to save each other at The Draw. Nany was upset about the whole situation and got irritated during their interrogation.

Jordan and Jay also got into a heated argument at the interrogation, as Jordan wasn’t sure if they could trust them going forward. Jordan called Jay “weak,” and Jay asked Jordan if he wanted to be the main vote.

Michele was in tears after Aneesa and Jordan walked out. Jay told her he’d rather they were putting names on the board than being put on the board.

Nany talked to Bananas about being serious in the game, as he was joking around in the daily challenge earlier. Bananas agreed he would do that going forth. Kaycee and Kenny came into the room. Kaycee said they realized now that Jay and Michele were building an army.

In another scene, Laurel found comfort with Faysal Shafaat after moving on from Horacio. In confessional, Horacio said he saw that and didn’t want to hurt Laurel, so he seemed fine with it. Footage showed Laurel cuddling with Faysal and another shot of Horacio on a bed.

Michele tried apologizing to Nany a day or so later, but Nany wasn’t having it. Later, Michele talked to Jay about feeling guilty for putting Nany in with Kaycee. Jay told her not to feel that way and that others wanted her to feel bad since they weren’t in power.

Who went home in Ride or Dies Episode 6 elimination?

At The Zone, TJ called out the four potential elimination teams. Jay and Michele chose to send in Jordan and Aneesa due to the “fiery emotions” and arguments during the interrogation.

The elimination was In Your Face, a game similar to Dodgeball. However, they first had to carry heavy cinder blocks over to stack on a box until they’d placed enough weight on top of the box to open its door.

The box was full of balls they had to throw at a board featuring their opponents’ faces. One teammate played offense, throwing balls at the targets. Another teammate played defense, trying to block shots from their opponents. The first team to knock out ten of their opponents’ faces on the board would win.

laurel stucky in the challenge ride or dies episode 6
Laurel Stucky plays offense, and Aneesa Ferreira plays defense in The Challenge: Ride or Dies’ In Your Face elimination. Pic credit: MTV

According to castmate Nurys Mateo, Jordan showed he was “superhuman” in this event. Aneesa did well in playing defense against Laurel to block her shots, while Jordan was hitting targets left and right against Jakk. Ultimately, Jordan and Aneesa won.

Laurel got emotional after they lost and told Jordan to go kick Jay and Michele’s “a**es.” Jakk and Laurel hugged it out in an emotional exit interview.

TJ praised Jordan and Aneesa for the dominant elimination victory and also referred to Laurel as “one of the GOATs” before saying farewell to her and Jakk.

In a confessional interview before the episode ended, Jordan said Jay and Michele lit a fire under him, and now they’re coming back with a vengeance.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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