The Challenge: Fans criticize Kaycee Clark and her brother appearing in Ride or Dies season

kaycee clark in the challenge double agents season
Kaycee Clark appears in The Challenge: Double Agents season. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge Season 38 will see the return of several of the show’s champions to the competition, including one of the recent Spies, Lies & Allies winners, Kaycee Clark.

The Big Brother star will be back for the season, looking to add another championship to her resume. Her partner for The Challenge Season 37 was Chris “CT” Tamburello, who is taking at least one season off.

That means Kaycee will have a new teammate. In the newest installment of MTV’s series, Ride or with whom Dies, each cast member is paired with an individual with whom they share a special bond.

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In the case of Kaycee, her teammate is her brother, Kenny Clark, as announced in the cast reveal several weeks ago.

The brother and sister duo appeared in a recent promotional video showcasing them as teammates ahead of the premiere episode.

Fans reacted to the clip on social media, and while some may be in favor of the Clarks, a majority seemed to disapprove of them as cast members.

Kaycee and Kenny appear in Ride or Dies promo video

MTV’s The Challenge is presenting promotional videos to build the hype ahead of the Season 38 premiere. Each video looks at one of the teams that will compete in the upcoming season.

Previous videos have spotlighted teams, including Analyse Talavera with Tommy Bracco, Amber Borzotra with Chauncey Palmer, and Nelson Thomas with Nurys Mateo.

The latest video focuses on The Challenge and Big Brother winner Kaycee, who teams up with her brother Kenny for MTV’s competition series.

“Cool, calm, collected, cucumber Clarks,” Kenny says their team motto is at the start of the promo clip.

During the clip, they speak about their strong relationship, share what they like about one another, and reveal each other’s biggest weaknesses.

Kaycee calls her brother “very smart” and says he’s “definitely the brains between us two.” Kenny praises Kaycee as a “bundle of joy” and “passionate,” adding that she’s “always been inspiring [and] always been a bada**.”

“His weakness? Not the biggest guy, which is fine because he’s very strategic and no experience,” Kaycee says of Kenny.

Kenny goes on to say that Kaycee’s weaknesses include “math,” and if she has a bit to drink, she can become “a bit explosive.”

Check out the promotional video below featuring Kenny and Kaycee as they speak about their relationship heading into Season 38.

Fans react to seeing Kaycee and Kenny on The Challenge

Kaycee and Kenny are the only family members appearing as The Challenge: Ride or Dies partners. Other teams feature close friends, boyfriend-girlfriend, or husband-wife pairings.

After The Challenge shared the video featuring Kenny and Kaycee on their Instagram, it prompted many fans to leave feedback about the team appearing in Season 38. Based on many comments, there are a lot of fans who aren’t in favor of The Clarks on the show.

One fan sarcastically commented about how they “can’t wait” to see the “entertaining” Kaycee and her brother compete on The Challenge: Ride or Dies as they’ll bring “lots of drama” to the show.

fan sarcastically comments about kaycee and kenny the challenge
Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

“Why do y’all keep casting this piece of furniture? In 3 seasons she showed 0 personality and now she brought an extra piece of furniture with her,” a fan commented with a puking emoji.

fan asks about casting of kaycee with kenny for the challenge 38
Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

“To be quite honest I thought that Kaycee’s partner was going to be Josh,” another fan commented after seeing the clip, referring to her fellow Big Brother star.

the challenge fan reacts to kaycee teammate season 38
Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

In a recent batch of Instagram Story Q&A responses, Josh Martinez commented about not appearing in The Challenge Season 38, a decision he said he felt was probably for the best with how it helped his mindstate.

He also mentioned production wanted him to team with his sister. However, Josh said he was against it as he would’ve felt guilty if they did the show, and his sister’s mental health got impacted negatively by the experience.

In Ride or Dies, the 34-year-old Kaycee will attempt to reach a fourth-straight final and win her second-straight season, although she’ll be doing it alongside a highly inexperienced competitor on MTV’s show.

Meanwhile, Kaycee’s girlfriend, Nany Gonzalez, is also part of the cast but will team up with seven-time winner Johnny Bananas, making for one of several teams to watch as favorites to win the season.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies premieres Wednesday, October 12, at 8/7c on MTV.

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