The Challenge Season 38, Episode 6 sneak peek clip reveals Down the Line challenge

jay starrett in the challenge ride or dies season
Jay Starrett during a daily challenge on The Challenge: Ride or Dies. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge Season 38 continues to test Ride or Dies teammates as they compete in new daily challenges, with the winners receiving safety and plenty of power.

Through the first five episodes, a different duo has won each daily event, making for some interesting gameplay.

One team is hoping to win a second-straight daily event to keep themselves safe in the game after some fumbled moves in the previous episode.

A new sneak peek of Ride or Dies Episode 6 shows the next daily challenge, called Down the Line, featuring digging, running, ziplining, swimming, and puzzle-solving.

In the clip, host TJ Lavin describes the daily challenge as “bad***,” so it’s bound to be one that competitors and viewers should enjoy.

This report will include spoilers for MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies.

TJ Lavin reveals Ride or Dies’ Down the Line daily challenge

When Ride or Dies Episode 6 arrives, viewers will see some intriguing storylines, including a possible end of a showmance and a friendship needing repairs. All of that surrounds the latest daily challenge, where teams want to win to avoid going into the elimination event at The Zone.

In a sneak peek clip (below), TJ introduces Down the Line, which takes place on land, in the air, and through the water. Competitors start by digging for a bag of letter puzzle pieces.

Once they find that first bag, one of the teammates runs to the bottom of a platform to crank a “stopper” on the line. The more they crank, the farther down the line their teammate can zipline.

The objective is to retrieve both bags of puzzle pieces, zipline down to drop in the water, where both teammates swim to shore, and then solve their word puzzles.

As with previous daily challenges, the winning team will be the team to complete the task the fastest. As TJ reveals before the clip ends, this will be played in two heats, so there will likely be a winning team in each and one with a better overall time.

The winners of this daily challenge are safe from elimination at The Zone. They’ll also need to choose four other teams for potential elimination. At The Zone, they’ll get to choose one pair for the elimination matchup, while the other three are left to the fate of The Draw.

Teams hoping for crucial win on The Challenge

As mentioned, no team has won a daily challenge twice heading into Episode 6 of Ride or Dies, but one team is hoping for a second-straight win.

In Ride or Dies Episode 5, viewers saw Michele Fitzgerald and Jay Starrett win the Royal Relay daily event. They got an extra prize of $5,000 each courtesy of Burger King but then had some issues when it came to deciding which teams to send into elimination.

That resulted in a fractured friendship between Jay and Jakk Maddox since Michele wasn’t sure where Jakk’s teammate, Laurel Stucky, was in terms of alliances or working with her. Ultimately, Jay and Michele sent Jakk and Laurel into the elimination, and they won, defeating rookies Colleen Schneider and Kim Tranka.

With the win, Laurel and Jakk are back in The Challenge house and most likely looking to gain revenge. A second-straight win for Jay and Michele would ensure their safety for at least another episode.

All the other teams want that win, too, including the rookie pair of Olivia Kaiser and Horacio Gutierrez. They’ve been up for elimination in three of the five episodes, winning twice and becoming safe at The Draw once.

There’s also the OG duo of Veronica Portillo and Darrell Taylor, who have potential elimination nominees twice a row. A win for these OGs would likely give them a chance to shake up some of the other vets they could not form early alliances with due to arriving to the game later.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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