The Challenge: Justine Ndiba says she’d probably never do another season with one World Championship castmate

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The Challenge: World Championship’s Justine Ndiba said there’s one castmate she probably wouldn’t ever do another season with. Pic credit: @TheChallenge/YouTube

The Challenge’s MTV Legends and MVPs from international spinoffs based on the show are competing in The Challenge: World Championship on Paramount Plus.

However, MVP Justine Ndiba has been quite vocal recently about not wanting to do another season with one particular World Championship castmate. And she also admitted that Johnny Bananas was not her first choice as a Legends partner.

Among the Legends in the game are multi-time champions, including Wes Bergmann, Jonna Mannion, Darrell Taylor, Johnny Bananas, and Jordan Wiseley.

The MVPs included winners, finalists, and cast members from The Challenge: USA, UK, Argentina, and Australia spinoff shows, including Grant Crapp, Tristan Phipps, Kaz Crossley, Danny McCray, Sarah Lacina, and Justine Ndiba.

Each MVP got to select a Legends teammate for the World Championship show, and Justine wisely opted for Bananas due to his experience on the show as a seven-time champion.

Working as his partner also brought advantages to the game due to Bananas’ strong connections with other castmates.

However, Justine revealed she would’ve opted for another partner before Bananas and also indicated there was one particular Legends castmate she probably wouldn’t ever do another season with.

This report will contain spoilers from The Challenge: World Championship.

Justine had another Legends partner in mind before Bananas

Once the MVPs arrived in South Africa to film the spinoff show, they learned that MTV Legends were also part of the game. The format allowed each MVP to choose a Legends teammate based on how MVPs performed in an opening qualifier event.

Justine didn’t finish last, and therefore she wouldn’t get stuck with a teammate she didn’t want. However, she revealed she had another Legend in mind ahead of her teammate Bananas.

While on a recent episode of MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, Justine told host Devyn Simone that her top three picks were Jordan Wiseley, Johnny Bananas, or Wes Bergmann.

Jordan would’ve probably been her first choice, as Justine explained she’d met and hung out with him prior to filming for World Championship. She said that gave them a connection ahead of the show, whereas she’d have to develop that with Bananas or Wes not knowing their personalities before filming.

It ended up that Wes was the first pick overall for the men, as the UK’s Zara Zoffany selected him. Team UK’s Kaz chose Jordan as her teammate, and Justine chose Bananas. The duo eventually seemed to hit it off after some “wining and dining,” as they joked about in their confessionals.

However, viewers saw Jordan was on the opposing side of an elimination matchup against Justine and Bananas in World Championship Episode 7. The three-time Challenge champ finally got that elimination win over Bananas in his third try, also ending Justine’s season.

Justine probably wouldn’t do another season with one of The Challenge Legends

Justine also shared with Devyn that KellyAnne Judd is one castmate she probably wouldn’t want to appear in another season with.

“I guess you know the season- she’s fighting. She’s doing all the things, but to me, I’m just like, I, respectfully, not sure I’d ever want to do another season with KellyAnne,” Justine told Devyn during the podcast episode.

She revealed that KellyAnne was way too “unpredictable” while they were playing the game, making it difficult to know what she was up to. She referenced Jonna and KellyAnne’s friendship situation and their shattered alliance after Jonna ended up putting KellyAnne into an early elimination.

“I know that Jonna caught a lot of heat, but I also can understand where she was coming from. It’s hard to align yourself with somebody who is just that unpredictable, you know?” Justine said.

She went on to say she liked KellyAnne as a person, but in a “game sense,” she didn’t like being there with her. Justine explained that KellyAnne’s unpredictable nature just made it difficult to work with her in the game.

Justine explained about the situation with Jonna, saying that the two-time All Stars champ didn’t have much choice because there was a majority vote going against KellyAnne, so she couldn’t really protect her.

Jonna’s early move immediately set KellyAnne off as she won the elimination and then wanted revenge against Jonna. She also realized that other castmates, including Tori Deal and Bananas, would constantly throw her and her partner Tristan into eliminations, meaning KellyAnne had to gain some power.

She did that in Episode 7, rallying enough of the outsiders who weren’t working with Team USA to vote a certain way and swing the deliberation vote. Bananas and Justine ended up going into elimination against Jordan and Kaz, who defeated them.

Justine still gave KellyAnne her “props” for pulling off that impressive power move to sway the vote that ultimately resulted in Bananas and Justine going home for the season.

However, based on Justine’s comments, it might be a major surprise to see Justine and KellyAnne as castmates in a future Challenge season.

The Challenge: World Championship episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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