The Challenge: Jordan Wiseley shares if he views Tori Deal among all-time greats

jordan wiseley face shot from the challenge 39 on mtv
The Challenge’s Jordan Wiseley during the Battle For a New Champion season. Pic credit: MTV

Is The Challenge’s Tori Deal one of the show’s all-time greats already in her reality television career?

According to Jordan Wiseley, her resume became impressive after she worked on a certain aspect of her game to become a top-notch competitor.

However, he shared that he felt she had a “chance” to be considered one of the “GOHTs” — the “greatest of her time” — on The Challenge.

Tori debuted on MTV’s dating series Are You The One? before moving to the competition series, where she quickly learned how “intense” things could be.

When she arrived, Jordan was acclimated to how the game worked after his time on the show. He was already building up his resume of wins as a potential all-time great, having won Battle of the Exes 2 with Sarah Rice.

He and Tori dated after meeting through The Challenge and even shared a memorable proposal moment during their War of the Worlds 2 season. With that, Jordan called Tori a “good friend” and spoke about how she improved her competitive edge.

Jordan shared what clicked for Tori’s The Challenge career

While appearing on the Zach Nichols Podcast, Jordan was asked how he would rank Tori amongst other female competitors he’s been on The Challenge with and if she could become a “GOHT” or “greatest of her time.”

“Definitely got a chance. She’s definitely one of the top ladies right now,” Jordan said.

He praised Tori, saying he felt “she’s done it all” and did well early on with her “social game” and gaining “audience appeal.”

Jordan added that Tori would “make it long in the game for the most part,” but once she realized she had to work more on a specific aspect of her game, it took her to another level.

“What clicked for Tori is she realized she had to get the physical part down,” he shared as Zach added, “She’s a gamer, too.”


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Jordan mentioned Tori’s college soccer background and that “she’s got that dog in her” regarding physical competition.

“She had been living life so great—not as an athlete, just living—and once she started doing television, I think she was still kind of accustomed to that,” he said.

Tori won her first final in her seventh season

Jordan also mentioned that newcomers to The Challenge from another show generally comment on how “intense” MTV’s competition show gets. That includes the physical nature of the daily challenges and the mental aspects of alliances, voting, and game strategies.

As viewers saw in Season 38, Tori finally got her first win on The Challenge alongside her Ride or Dies partner, Devin Walker. The hard-fought win included a final featuring Jordan and Johnny Bananas, two of the men’s top competitors.

During her career, Tori has also registered a 5-1 elimination record, including a tough victory against Total Madness winner Jenny West in a Hall Brawl.

However, there are continuing debates about whether or not Tori would’ve had the same success if a certain former castmate, Cara Maria Sorbello, competed in that Hall Brawl against her or on Ride or Dies season.

They were previously castmates on War of the Worlds 2. However, they ended up on opposing sides due to a large Team USA alliance run by Cara and her boyfriend, Paulie Calafiore, which often targeted Jordan and Tori for eliminations.

Jordan and Tori survived the eliminations and defected to Team UK. During the final, Jordan picked up another of his three wins on the MTV show as part of the team running against Cara’s Team USA group.

Meanwhile, Tori had been purged during the final after failing to complete an early checkpoint at a pace or score matching the rest of Team UK’s finalists.

Tori may still want to prove herself against her Challenge rival

At MTV’s recent The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion reunion, Tori was among the former show winners who attended. During Season 39, she was one of 10 returning champs featured in a single elimination event against a main cast member.

Laurel Stucky and Cara Maria, two competitors who some often refer to as The Challenge’s all-time greats for women, were also on the season and in attendance at the reunion.

At one point, a question arose about who was the all-time greatest for the women, with Laurel getting praised over Cara Maria.

There were a few other instances where Tori commented on Cara’s previous gameplay, their participation in a future elimination, or even teaming up for another The Challenge: Rivals season.

Interestingly, Cara reflected on her War of the Worlds 2 remarks about Jordan and Tori being “right” during her recent Home Turf episode on YouTube.

With The Challenge Season 40 rumors ongoing, fans hope they might see Tori and Cara as castmates so they can go one-on-one in elimination to prove who is better. Regardless of who wins, they’re still likely to be considered two of The Challenge’s all-time greatest competitors.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 premieres Wednesday, April 10 on Paramount+.

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