The Challenge’s Jordan Wiseley calls out Cara Maria Sorbello’s Home Turf comments

the challenge star jordan wiseley face shot from season 39 confessional on mtv
Jordan Wiseley during The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion. Pic credit: MTV

Jordan Wiseley is among The Challenge greats, with three wins on the main show and another in the spinoff, The Challenge: World Championship.

He’s become known for overcoming obstacles, including some difficult gameplay from his castmates in War of the Worlds 2.

That season, Jordan was part of Team USA along with other stars, including Leroy Garrett, Zach Nichols, Paulie Calafiore, and Cara Maria Sorbello.

Jordan’s girlfriend and then-fiancee, Tori Deal, was also part of the team until both chose to “defect” to Team UK.

The season included a memorable moment as Jordan proposed to Tori before he defected to Team UK. During the footage, Cara Maria also made a snarky remark doubting their relationship.

On a recent Zach Nichols Podcast, Jordan addressed Cara’s remarks about the season during her The Challenge: Home Turf episode.

Jordan comments on Cara’s Home Turf remarks

While a guest on Zach’s podcast, Jordan mentioned that he’d seen a clip featuring Cara Maria from her Home Turf episode, in which the two-time Challenge winner spoke about her past seasons, including War of the Worlds 2.

“I have no beef with Cara. This is not like a thing with Cara. I’m just giving my perspective of it and my opinion of that clip where she’s talking about ‘I was right.’ About what?” Jordan asked.

He said it may have been related to him and Tori’s situation, to which Jordan said, “Nothing [about] Tori and I was fake.”

Jordan said, “In the game, no one voted for [Cara]” throughout the season. He also reminded Zach how the Team USA castmates made a treaty that nobody from the team went into elimination “until all the Brits were gone.”

“Wes made a deal with Joss [Mooney] and Rogan [O’Connor], so we went after Wes,” he explained.

He said that after that, Cara and Paulie got mad at Laurel, which resulted in them strategizing to eliminate her. She was ultimately sent home by “Ninja” Natalie Duran.

Jordan reminded everyone that everyone agreed to give Paulie power in the game as a treaty to indicate they weren’t going after anyone else on Team USA.

“That was for Cara and Paulie’s security,” Jordan explained while on the podcast.

However, things went awry as Cara, Paulie, and their alliance began to vote against Jordan and Tori to try to get rid of them.

That resulted in Paulie and Tori taking matters into their own hands by taking advantage of a rule to go to the other team, Team UK, if they won an elimination.

What did Cara say about War of the Worlds 2?

The Challenge released its Home Turf series on YouTube several weeks ago. Each of the eight episodes focuses on one specific player from the show.

Cara appeared in Episode 2, which looked at her home area in Massachusetts and her life outside of The Challenge. However, it also went through her iconic and memorable moments from various seasons, including War of the Worlds 2.

She called it an “amazing” season and began speaking about the “frustrating” part before pausing.

“I was right about everything, let’s just say,” she said, raising one hand before adding, “It might not have been nice, but I wasn’t wrong.”

“I’m talking about Tori, yeah,” she said before footage of Jordan’s proposal was shown.

“She’s gonna be paying for that ring when he sabotages our team,” Cara said from the stands to her boyfriend Paulie as everyone else was cheering the moment.

Cara joked in Home Turf that she wished she’d “faked” her reaction to the proposal rather than saying what she said.

“Maybe a little, but then you know what? Then I wouldn’t be me,” Cara said.

She shared that she and Paulie came into WOTW2 without any friends. Cara said Paulie orchestrated their alliance because castmates Bananas and Laurel Stucky attempted to “throw challenges” to get rid of Cara.

During that season, Bananas and Laurel got eliminated earlier than expected, as the alliance worked its magic to get them into eliminations.

Ultimately, Cara and Paulie were part of the team that ended up in the final, but Jordan’s Team UK, which included CT Tamburello, Rogan O’Connor, and Dee Nguyen, was victorious.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 premieres Wednesday, April 10 on Paramount+.

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