The Challenge: Jemmye Carroll reveals she used Patreon earnings after spilling tea for good cause

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The Challenge star Jemmye Carroll revealed she’s using her recent Patreon earnings for a good cause. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge OG Jemmye Caroll recently spilled some tea about her castmates’ relationship issues which drew backlash from many fans.

However, following a surge in signups for her Patreon by individuals interested in hearing what gossip she had, Jemmye has revealed what she’s doing with the money.

Based on her recent comments, it’s going towards a good cause, despite what she says “wasn’t the most conventional way of raising money.”

Jemmye spilled tea about Challenge castmates’ breakup

Last week, Jemmye Carroll revealed inside details she said she’d learned about castmates Tori Deal and Jordan Wiseley and the formerly-engaged couple’s messy breakup.

Ahead of the reveal, Jemmye told fans she’d spill the tea on her official Patreon page, which had a subscription charge of $5 for the lowest tier.

As one might expect, it attracted a lot of individuals to sign up for the service so that they could hear what Jemmye had to reveal about her castmates.

During the video, she claimed that Tori had cheated on Jordan with Fessy Shafaat when she went on a trip with him, as they were still engaged.

In addition, Jemmye told a story about Tori having asked Jordan for $5,000 before she would move out of his apartment in Los Angeles after their breakup.

Jemmye’s new gossip quickly hit the internet, and sooner after, Tori went on Instagram Live, defending herself against the claims. During her IG Live, she denied the cheating, as did Jordan in a video he released.

Additionally, Tori said she asked Jordan for $3,000, not $5,000, and that was him giving her money for some furniture she decided to leave at his place that he would either keep or dispose of. Jordan also confirmed that in his Instagram video.

Jemmye reveals Patreon earnings are going to good cause

It’s unknown how much Jemmye’s recent Patreon subscription surge might have made, but based on recent comments from Jemmye, it’s all going towards a good cause.

In a series of tweets, Jemmye explained that all of the December Patreon earnings were going towards @Here_Nola. The Instagram account mentions they accept Venmo and GoFundme donations to make sure kids get gifts after some rough months following Hurricane Ida.

the challenge star jemmye carroll tweets about patreon earnings december 2021
Pic credit: @JustJem24/Twitter

“I might be messy & I did receive a lot of backlash over certain content (for the record I didn’t lose an ounce of sleep over it) but bc y’all wanted the tea a lot of Hurricane Ida kids will get the gifts they asked for after a rough couple months post hurricane..,” she wrote in one tweet.

“So again, thank yall for making this possible. I am grateful I have a type of platform to do things like this & I know it wasn’t the most conventional way of raising money but it got the goal accomplished & making sure those kids have a good Xmas is worth every ounce of hate I got,” she added in a follow-up tweet.

the challenge all stars jemmye tweets about patreon earnings charity
Pic credit: @JustJem24/Twitter

Hurricane Ida arrived in late August and ended in early September, resulting in 95 deaths and nearly $65 billion in damage, per National Centers for Environmental Information data.

Jemmye, who resides in New Orleans, shared updates with fans during the hurricane, indicating that she chose to leave the state for safety, per recommendations from officials in the area.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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