The Challenge fans react to video clip of Kaycee Clark knocking Jenna Compono down on wedding day

jenna compono in the challenge total madness
Jenna Compono during The Challenge: Total Madness season. Pic credit: MTV

This past weekend, The Challenge stars Jenna Compono and Zach Nichols tied the knot, again, as they held a bigger version of their special day with friends and family to celebrate the occasion.

Their bigger wedding included more than a few of their Challenge castmates, such as Jordan Wiseley, Derrick Kosinski, Marie Rhoda, Nicole Zanatta, and Nany Gonzalez.

With Nany there, so was her girlfriend Kaycee Clark, who got involved in a bit of wedding day fun, which resulted in a funny video clip of her knocking the bride over, prompting fans to react.

Clip surfaces of Kaycee knocking Jenna down on wedding day

On Saturday, Monsters and Critics reported about Nany Gonzalez and Jenna Compono reuniting, as the two castmates have built a lasting friendship from their years on the show. Jenna last appeared in the Total Madness season, where she was with her Holy Trinity pals, Nany and Kailah Casillas.

That season also featured the debut of former Big Brother winner Kaycee Clark, who was in a flirtatious situation in the bunker with Nany, kicking off their relationship.

Fast forward to 2022, and all three were present for Zach and Jenna’s bigger wedding day in New York. And just like most weddings, Jenna’s included the bride tossing the bouquet over her head and into the crowd for someone to catch, signifying their marriage is on the way.

Jenna threw the bouquet back, with Nany nearly catching it, but it fell over near several other wedding guests. Being the ultimate competitor and athlete, Kaycee rushed over to pick up the bouquet off the floor and then attempted to pose with it next to Jenna.

Instead of posing, an awkward and funny moment happened as Kaycee stepped on Jenna’s dress, knocking her over to the floor. Kaycee quickly goes to help the bride up, trying to make up for the accident.

Check out the video below, shared via TikTok, and scroll down to see comments from fans and castmate Amanda Garcia.


What could possibly go wrong? #ljdjs #bouquettoss #mtvchallenge @Jennacompono

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

The Challenge fans and Amanda Garcia react to video

The video clip was shared by super fan @jaychallenge1 on Instagram with plenty of comments from Challenge fans who found the knockdown amusing. In addition, Amanda Garcia, a castmate of both women, was also amused as she drew comparisons to Kaycee in a Spies, Lies & Allies daily challenge.

“Hahahahaha first Tory now Jenna I’m DEAD. ????,” Amanda wrote, referencing Kaycee knocking over Tori Deal during Season 37.

amanda garcia comments kaycee knocking jenna down wedding day
Pic credit: @jaychallenge1/Instagram

Keeping with Amanda’s Challenge theme, a fan commented that this looked like a wedding Hall Brawl taking place.

fan suggests jenna wedding hall brawl with kaycee
Pic credit: @jaychallenge1/Instagram

One commenter joked about how the video represented Nany and Kaycee when appearing on The Challenge.

challenge fan jokes that nany fumbled and kaycee is thirsty
Pic credit: @jaychallenge1/Instagram

More than a few commenters brought up that Jenna’s husband Zach didn’t rush over to help his wife get up after the fall.

challenge fan comments that zach didnt help jenna
Pic credit: @jaychallenge1/Instagram

Luckily, Jenna seemed OK after the fall and still appeared to have a great wedding celebration overall. While the viral wedding clip was clearly an accident, one never knows if it might become the basis for a future rivalry on The Challenge should Zach, Jenna, and Kaycee appear together in a future season.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA on MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11 on Paramount Plus.

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