The Challenge: Fans react to Josh Martinez ‘looking jacked’ during intense gym session

josh martinez during the challenge season 37 elimination event
Josh Martinez during The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies elimination event. Pic credit: MTV

After multiple seasons of MTV’s The Challenge resulted in zero appearances in TJ Lavin’s final, Josh Martinez looks to be training harder than ever, possibly to reach that goal.

The former Big Brother star recently took to Instagram to show off his latest workout session. Based on the visuals, he looks to have become incredibly shredded.

Josh’s video clip is set to the song Way Down We Go by KALEO and shows him with a new hairstyle pushing himself through a variety of grueling exercises.

That includes bicep curls and shoulder curls with a barbell, pushing a weighted sled in between pushup reps, and slamming a rope against the ground rapid-fire as he leaps back and forth over an orange cone.

Another unique exercise combo features The Challenge star turning a tire over after jumping into the middle of it and back out of it, along with performing pushups. There’s also fast-paced running on a curved treadmill for an intense cardio session.

“New Month, New Goals, Same Focus,” Josh wrote in his IG video post’s caption.

Fans react to Josh’s fit look in workout video

With his recent video post on the Gram, Josh Martinez received plenty of feedback, as fans reacted to seeing him in such tremendous shape compared to his previous look.

One fan wrote that Josh looked “amazing” and congratulated him on all of his “hard work paying off.”

fan comments on josh martinez workout video ig post
Pic credit: @josh_martinez_/Instagram

“Buddy looking jacked AF,” another commenter wrote in admiration of Josh’s hard work.

fan comments on josh martinez workout video
Pic credit: @josh_martinez_/Instagram

“Can’t wait to see you on the Next challenge!!!! Bring it❤️❤️,” another fan wrote to Josh in the comments.

fan says cant wait to see josh martinez on the challenge again
Pic credit: @josh_martinez_/Instagram

Josh still striving to reach The Challenge final

Josh Martinez, a former Big Brother winner, first arrived on The Challenge during the War of the World season. He was still available to complete after an early exit in the first daily event and replaced Amanda Garcia’s injured teammate. The duo reached the seventh episode before their official elimination.

Josh returned for the War of the Worlds 2, Total Madness, Double Agents, and Spies, Lies & Allies seasons. Each time he advanced past the season’s midway point but failed to reach the final, despite having solid allies in the game.

He was part of a dominant veteran alliance in his most recent season but ultimately went into elimination against fellow vet Kyle Christie in Episode 15 and lost.

That was just a few episodes ahead of the Spies, Lies & Allies final, which Kyle was a part of and finished as a runner-up alongside Tori Deal.

Based on Josh’s latest Instagram clip, the 28-year-old is pushing his training to new levels and seeking to reach new goals in terms of his fitness.

Weeks ahead of his workout video clip above, Josh shared that he took a break from The Challenge for Season 38, calling it “the best thing that happened for my mental.”

Along with his improved fitness, there could also be a renewed energy in him to return to The Challenge and reach his first final, with the bigger goal of winning it like fellow Big Brother stars Kaycee Clark and Amber Borzotra did in the past few seasons.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA on MTV.

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