The Challenge: Fans blast Tori Deal’s return for USA 2 spinoff show

tori deal in the challenge usa 2 trailer
Tori Deal returns for The Challenge: USA 2 spinoff show. Pic credit: CBS

Tori Deal is returning for The Challenge: USA 2 spinoff after appearances in several other recent seasons.

She enters the game as a champion after winning her first MTV season with Ride or Dies earlier this year.

The former Are You the One? cast member also appeared in The Challenge: World Championship spinoff, where she butted heads with her teammate, and they failed to win the final.

She’ll now try to win the USA spinoff on CBS to add another championship to her list of reality TV accomplishments.

The Challenge’s social media recently shared a promotional video in which Tori talks about her return and having won a recent season.

While she has her share of supporters, many fans expressed outrage over seeing Tori back again since she’d been featured in consecutive seasons.

Tori is hoping The Challenge: USA 2 cast forgets her recent win

Ahead of the USA 2 season premiere on CBS, The Challenge has unveiled videos featuring the MTV stars who will join the spinoff show.

Only CBS reality TV stars competed for the championship win in the first USA season. The second season will feature familiar faces from the franchise, some who started on CBS and others on MTV.

Tori joins Amanda Garcia, Cory Wharton, Johnny Bananas, Jonna Mannion, and Wes Bergmann as the six MTV competitors.

In a promotional video released on Friday, she spoke about how she’s “the most recent Challenge champ” to appear on USA 2.

“That’s not something I’m gonna tell people. I’m just gonna act like that was so long ago,” Tori joked in the clip.

Tori indicated she feels she comes into “each season stronger” and learned something new from each of her previous seasons.

In this case, her previous seasons are Paramount Plus’ World Championship spinoff and Ride or Dies on MTV. She won the MTV season, her first win in four finals and seven seasons.

With World Championship, she was selected by USA Season 1 winner Danny McCray as his Legends partner. Throughout the early part of the season, they bickered over strategy, with Tori wanting to protect her ex, Jordan Wiseley, and Danny wanting him eliminated before the final.

All of the above reached the final, but Jordan and his teammate, Kaz Crossley, crossed the finish line ahead of Tori, Danny, and the other finalists.

Fans call out Tori’s return for another Challenge season

Tori has become one of the polarizing cast members that appear on The Challenge, as fans either love or hate her. Some may dislike her personality, while others may dislike seeing her so often in the show’s cast.

Ride or Dies was her fifth straight MTV season, making USA 2 her seventh consecutive season appearing in a version of The Challenge.

As one might expect, many commenters on the promotional video featuring Tori weren’t happy with her return.

“Please stop bringing her back,” one commenter said, adding, “Her one and only win has gotten to her head.”

“Don’t bring her back anymore,” another commented.

Another individual said, “at some point enough is enough,” regarding Tori’s consecutive Challenge appearances.

fans criticize tori deal return on usa 2 spinoff
Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

While many commenters shared similar remarks to call out Tori’s reality TV career, others showed support for her.

“Tori is my fav female challenger! She’s a beast and hilarious. Always rooting for her!” one of her fans commented.

Another said she is “def an underdog you didn’t see coming” and “a force to be reckoned with” in the game.

fans defend tori deal return for usa 2 spinoff
Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

“y’all hate her so much for no valid reason…get a job or a hobby,” one commenter said in defense of Tori.

Ahead of her appearance in the CBS spinoff, Tori already had some drama with her castmate. The Challenge champ shared a group photo of her with the other MTV stars, but pasting a clown emoji over Amanda’s face.

Upon learning about it, Amanda fired back at Tori with a barrage of remarks on social media. That seems to suggest they’ll have some issues during the USA 2 episodes.

It may take a lot for Tori’s critics or haters to warm up to seeing her return for USA 2. However, plenty of fans are ready to see her compete and will be rooting for her to win again.

The Challenge: USA 2 premieres Thursday, August 10 at 10/9c on CBS.

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