The Challenge: Double Agents spoilers: Episode 9 synopsis possibly reveals next elimination

tj lavin at the crater elimination site on the challenge double agents
Host TJ Lavin greets the competitors at The Crater elimination site. Pic credit: MTV

When the ninth episode of The Challenge: Double Agents airs, viewers will get to see the return of one of host TJ Lavin’s favorite missions.

The new installment will also bring an agent facing some trouble amongst various individuals in the house.

It also seems that based on a recent Episode 9 synopsis that has arrived, the next elimination matchup may be revealed.

Double Agents Episode 9 synopsis released online

As seen in the Episode 9 preview trailer, the next daily mission will involve the agents participating in a trivia contest while hanging over the water. They control their own fates by giving a right or wrong answer. An incorrect answer leads to TJ pressing a button to drop them down into the water below.

The new synopsis mentions the new mission, which is called Mission: Interrogation. However, it also says one agent will be “put on blast” for trying to appease her alliance and her newer group of friends.

That could point towards a few individuals, as it seems like it may be referring to either Theresa Jones or Amber Borzotra.

the challenge double agents episode 9 plot synopsis revealed
Pic credit: @thechallengeoverdose/Instagram

The preview trailer didn’t really show any drama involving Theresa Jones, but it included a few comments from other females in some quick scenes. The comments mentioned girls being “fake” and “mean girlish” in the house but never specifically showed who was talking..

A scene featured Nany Gonzalez and Kam Williams talking with someone else off camera before it showed different scenes with Kaycee Clark, Gabby Allen, Amber M, and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley.

Theresa and Amber B. were never shown, but both have been trying to work with multiple individuals in the house. Theresa is friends with veteran competitors, including Aneesa Ferreira but also started to work with the rookie females. Amber B. was supposedly working with the rookies and Theresa but is also with the Big Brother alliance.

Two Challenge rivals will go head to head

Another interesting part of the synopsis mentions “old grudges resurface, as two rivals go head to head.” Based on this, it looks like two of the veteran Challenge competitors might mix it up.

That could very well be referring to Theresa Jones and Nany Gonzalez. The two had bad blood several seasons ago, and it was even mentioned during the Double Agents special. While Nany has been on the show quite a bit in recent years, Theresa made her return to The Challenge: Double Agents after a five-year hiatus.

Their past hasn’t really played into this season yet, but neither of these ladies has their Gold Skulls. In Episode 8, Nany’s partner Josh Martinez went in and got his Gold Skull. Now it could be Nany’s turn to try to earn hers, and she could be going against Theresa to add another elimination to their rivalry.

A lot will depend on which contestants become Double Agents in the daily mission. The episode trailer already showed Theresa Gonzalez failing to answer a trivia question right and falling into the water, so it’s doubtful she and Cory will win. With how far Josh and Nany’s alliance extends, they may have the numbers in their favor once again.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesday at 8/7c on MTV.

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