Here’s why The Challenge’s Nany and Theresa may still hate each other on Double Agents

heres why the challenges nany and theresa may hate each other on double agents
Theresa Jones is back on The Challenge, but her feud with Nany may be back too. Pic credit: MTV

On The Challenge: Double Agents, fans will see the return of Theresa Jones to the competitive show for her first time in five years, and she’ll arrive with possible issues with a few members of the cast.

Theresa, who is making her sixth appearance on The Challenge, was last seen on Battle of the Exes II, which featured her ex, Wes Bergmann.

That season also featured Nany Gonzalez, someone who popped up in a recent Double Agents teaser video to discuss having some unresolved issues with Theresa. So why exactly do these two Challenge competitors have issues with each other?

Nany mentions issues with Theresa

In The Challenge: Double Agents teaser clip (below), veteran competitor Theresa Jones talks about how, since her last appearance, she’s become married to a wonderful husband, and they now have two kids together. She also mentions that the last time she was on the show, she came in second place, so she wants to go a step further this time.

“In all honesty, I’m not here to just play. I want to win,” Theresa says in her interview.

“How Theresa and I left off the last time I saw her was not good,” Nany says as she appears in a separate confessional interview. From there, the video cuts to highlight clips from their past, including a brutal elimination and Nany confronting Theresa in a heated exchange about friendship.


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“We did not leave off on good terms. In fact, Theresa and I hated each other,” Nany says during part of her confessional interview. That could bring an extra element of drama into their gameplan when advancing in Double Agents.

What happened with Nany and Theresa on Exes II?

As far as what went down on Battle of the Exes II season, Theresa was partnered with her ex, Wes, while Nany was partners with her ex, Johnny Bananas. They made for two powerful teams in the game.

Wes and Theresa actually did quite well, advancing all the way up to the third-to-last episode before Nany and Johnny eliminated them.

Even with the elimination, Theresa got back into the game as an alternate when she joined Leroy Garrett after his partner, Nia Moore, was removed from the show. Nia was sent home due to her physically and verbally harassing Jordan Wiseley, for which she later apologized.

With Theresa as Leroy’s partner, they eliminated Nany and Johnny Bananas from the show. The duo ultimately came in second place at the final.

However, the issues came in terms of Nany and Theresa’s friendship, with Nany being flirty and Theresa talking about her. Nany was flirting with Johnny Reilly from Real World: Portland, who was partnered with his ex, Avery Tressler. That was a bit upsetting for Avery to see, and she confided in Theresa about it at one point during the season.

Meanwhile, Theresa was also shown talking to other female cast members about how Nany was acting. Nany confronted Theresa over this during a Power Couple dinner meeting. Theresa basically brushed Nany off, saying she didn’t care about Nany anymore, even though they were former friends.

During the elimination, they battled hard against each other in a Pole Wrestle-style event with some kneeing and kicking involved.

Their feud even spilled over to the Battle of the Exes II reunion show. Nany said Theresa started to talk trash about her to other girls in the house to get them on her side for the show. Theresa fired back at her, saying they didn’t need any convincing about how Nany acts to realize it themselves.

According to Nany in that Double Agents clip above, she and Theresa may have to hash some things out from that previous show they were on together. Theresa could be a major target for Nany to focus on. Or, they might just end up being past it after five years and working together. Fans will be anxious to see what goes down in Season 36.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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