The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 12 sneak peek: Competitors to face ‘worst nightmare’ and Big T is upset

devin walker and gabby allen in the challenge double agents episode 12
Devin Walker and teammate Gabby Allen react to big news in Episode 12 of Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

Following Episode 11 of The Challenge: Double Agents, a brand new sneak peek preview arrived for what viewers can expect in Episode 12 of the MTV show.

Fans were left with some major cliffhangers at the end of Episode 11, and the sneak peek may have partly revealed what’s to come. However, it really showcases several competitors caught up in emotional moments.

That includes Nany Gonzalez, Kyle Christie, and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, who all seem to be upset about something or someone in the Double Agents game.

Double Agents competitors to face ‘worst nightmare’

The Double Agents Episode 12 preview trailer opens with host TJ Lavin breaking some bad news to the competitors. After the previous “bada**” mission called Air Lift, they’ll now be facing their “worst nightmare.”

Teammates will be chained or handcuffed together in cages in a large dark room based on the preview. It’s unknown what they will be facing, but there are screams heard from various agents.

“What the hell is that?” Killa Kam Williams is heard saying. A shot of Cory Wharton shows him looking around from inside the cage to survey the scene.

“This is the worst case scenario,” Cory says in a confessional interview played as a voiceover.

Could the MTV reality series be bringing in a Fear Factor type of daily mission? There may be snakes, spiders, or other creatures roaming around that dark room. Even worse, there may be something in the cages with the agents.

What else could happen in Episode 12?

Another part of the sneak peek shows Big T confronting someone else in The Challenge house. It’s rare to see Big T get worked up, but the way the scene is shown in the preview, it could be Gabby Allen she’s talking to.

“I am not friends with people who talk to me like that down in The Crater,” Big T lets someone know, adding, “You’re a piece of s**t.”

At the end of Double Agents Episode 11, Gabby and her partner Devin Walker were the Compromised Agents, awaiting their elimination fates. Big T and her partner, Chris “CT” Tamburello, were the Double Agents power team.

However, an alarm sounded before the power team even made any decisions about the elimination. A “Security Breach” was shown with TJ telling the agents that something was coming. Viewers were left with that major cliffhanger, as there was no elimination meaning nobody earned any Gold Skulls.

Lolo Jones left in Episode 11, as she decided she didn’t want to stick around anymore, waiting for her opportunity to try to win an elimination. So she opted to leave and go home to train for the Olympics.

That made Lolo’s teammate, Nam Vo, a Rogue Agent, along with Cory Wharton. With that in mind, it’s unknown if the Security Breach means a competitor will return, similar to Ashley Mitchell doing earlier in the season.

The preview seems to hint that Big T will be going down in The Crater and that both she and Gabby returned to the house following whatever happened. Devin isn’t shown in the Episode 12 preview, but that could be to swerve viewers.

Two other cast members are spotlighted in the sneak peek. Kyle Christie is calling someone out who he says “can’t be trusted.” Kyle may be confronting Darrell Taylor. He was considered the deciding vote for the secret house votes to determine if Josh Martinez or Devin went into elimination. However, CT and Big T saw that Darrell cast his vote against Devin.

Last but not least, Nany is shown in tears at The Challenge house, but it’s unknown if it’s due to the game or someone in the house has upset her. So it appears there could be a lot of interesting developments in Episode 12, starting with what takes place in The Crater.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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