The Challenge: Double Agents’ Amber M spills more details about Theresa and Amber B’s argument

amber martinez in the challenge double agents episode 7 reaction video
Amber M spills more details about Episode 7 in her Double Agents reaction video. Pic credit: SPiLLL3/YouTube

With The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 7, viewers saw Theresa Jones trying to gain power in the house again with her plan during the daily mission.

Unfortunately, her plan didn’t quite work out as she wanted it to since not everyone seemed to be cooperating.

That caused an argument later in the episode with Theresa confronting Amber Borzotra over what happened. In a recent YouTube reaction video, the other Amber, Amber M, gave more details about what else went down involving Theresa and Amber B.

Amber M. reveals more daily mission, strategy details

In addition to the daily missions, strategizing, house deliberations, and elimination events, each Double Agents episode packs a lot of drama. However, there seems to be even more drama left out that viewers don’t get to see.

In her reaction video for Double Agents Episode 7, rookie Amber M spilled some more details about the show, including why Theresa was upset with Amber Borzotra.

Amber M. said the competitors waited four hours to compete in the daily mission due to the winds affecting the helicopter’s ability to fly. She said they all waited in a trailer to stay warm until they could compete.

During their time in the trailer, she said her girls’ heat, including Lolo Jones, Gabby Allen, Theresa, and Amber B., were strategizing about having one person win as quickly as possible. Then they could target another girl for elimination. Amber M. said during their wait in the trailer, they were all going back and forth over who would win that mission.

It seemed Theresa was supposed to be that winner, but things got messed up when the heat actually competed. Amber B. ended up staying on the net longer than anticipated before falling into the water. She said in her confessional interviews shown during the episode she was there to compete.

Amber M.’s cousin Kimmy pointed out in the reaction video (below) that Amber B. didn’t seem to stick to the original plan.

“That’s when I started noticing her moving funny,” Amber M. said in their video as she watched Amber B. competing.

Amber M. said she asked the other Amber why she didn’t stick to the plan. Amber B. basically told Amber M. that Theresa wanted to throw her and Darrell Taylor in for elimination. Amber and Darrell found out about it from Chris “CT” Tamburello.

In her video, Amber M. also said she was disappointed because she didn’t go on The Challenge to “throw challenges,” but she did go there to play the game. Sometimes, throwing a mission is part of it.

Theresa confronted Amber B. in trailer after mission

Since viewers never saw the competitors waiting inside a trailer, they didn’t see Theresa confronting Amber Borzotra about not sticking to their plan for the daily mission.

Theresa apparently blew up at Amber B. in the trailer over what happened, according to Amber M. Amber M. said that Amber B. told Theresa that her foot got stuck in the net, so she was stuck and couldn’t fall off as they planned.

Amber M. also said Theresa told Amber B., “Really? You were putting up a good fight. If you want to go at it, we could go at it.” So things got quite heated between the two competitors.

Not only that, Amber M. said that Amber B. was going around the house later telling veteran competitors, whom she barely ever spoke to, that Theresa wanted her to throw the mission. However, Amber B. told them she wasn’t going to throw a mission and wanted to win it.

That all apparently happened ahead of the scenes shown in the episode. Viewers saw Theresa telling her teammate Jay Starrett that Amber B. is “slick” and that she was going to “get her so bad.”

The episode also included Theresa trying to talk to Darrell (below) and confronting Amber B. at the club, with Amber staying calm and Theresa storming away. Later in the episode, they seemed to have a conversation to get back on the same page about what happened.

Even with all that, Theresa couldn’t prevent her partner Jay from going into elimination and being sent home by Leroy Garrett.

Still, it gives some more context about why Theresa was going at Amber B. the way she was in the episode. It also shows more of the strategic moves the players were making to protect themselves and get farther ahead on Double Agents.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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