The Challenge: Double Agents’ Amber M reveals if she and Amber Borzotra are friends now

the challenge double agents rookie amber martinez at crater elimination site
The Challenge: Double Agents rookie Amber M at The Crater elimination site. Pic credit: MTV

On The Challenge: Double Agents, rookies Amber M and Amber Borzotra supposedly shared a friendship heading into filming, but things went differently once the game was underway.

While they were initially friends and part of an alliance with several other females, Amber B. had a stronger bond with her Big Brother friends, which saw her make some sneaky moves in the game.

During a recent podcast, Amber M. opened up about her and Amber B.’s relationship, revealing if they are on friendly terms since filming ended.

Double Agents Episode 10 was Amber Alert

The 10th episode of Double Agents was appropriately titled Amber Alert, as it featured a battle of the Ambers in what is usually an epic elimination event. The house vote went towards Amber M and her new partner Cory Wharton, which had plenty of female competitors trying to go in to get their Gold Skull.

However, the Double Agents power team of Devin Walker and Gabby Allen put in Amber B. and her partner Darrell Taylor. Since it was a female elimination, Amber B. got the Hall Brawl against Amber M. and based on how it was presented in the episode, won it easily.

That meant Amber M. was sent home, while Amber B. got to stick around, having earned the fourth Gold Skull for the female competitors.

Following the elimination, Amber M. talked about being happy she was brave enough to go down to The Crater and give it a shot. She also said she “underestimated Amber [Borzotra]” as she didn’t think she was “as strong as she looks.”

Amber M. speaks about her situation with Amber B. now

While Amber M. underestimated Amber B.’s physical abilities, she also underestimated how sneaky she would be playing the game. During a recent Reality NSFW podcast episode, one of the hosts asked Amber how her relationship with Amber B. is after the show.

Amber M explained that when Double Agents filming was over, Amber B. reached out to her to apologize for what happened during their time there.

“She was like, ‘Hope all is well. So sorry that I voted for you. It was just like a game, you know?’” Amber M. shared about the message she got from the other Amber.

“Coming out of that experience, I was like, ‘You know what? It’s just a game. I’m not gonna hold these grudges. It is what it is. Hope you’re doing well,’” she said of her initial reply to Amber Borzotra.

However, Amber M. said she started to watch the episodes of Double Agents as they aired. As she watched events on her screen, she realized that she’d been lied to and played by someone she thought was a friend.

“She voted for me so many times, and, ‘You could’ve given me a heads up, you know?’ Because when I was in the house, she literally would come up to me, ‘I didn’t vote for you. You’re my girl. I got your back,’ and it’s just like ‘Damn, you lied to me the whole time. I stood up for you because you can’t stand up for yourself,’” Amber shared.

“Just to see how she was lying to me the whole time was like, I don’t know. I don’t really care to be her friend. You know, I hope she’s well, but like, I don’t care,” Amber added about their relationship now.

Based on Amber M’s explanation, it seems that she and Amber Borzotra aren’t friends as of this moment because of what Amber B. did in the episodes. That could make for some interesting interactions should the two rookie competitors show up for The Challenge: Double Agents reunion show once the season is over.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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