The Challenge’s Devin Walker calls out Fessy Fashaat’s ‘introvert’ talk on Double Agents

gabby allen and devin walker on the challenge double agents
Teammates Gabby Allen and Devin Walker on The Challenge: Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

One of the main stories in The Challenge: Double Agents has been the strength of the Big Brother alliance, and competitor Devin Walker’s attempts to break it apart.

He has been able to instigate BB stars Josh Martinez and Fessy Shafaat in various episodes with one argument even leading to Josh shoving Devin.

In Double Agents Episode 10, Devin was back in power after winning a daily mission. His goal was to find a way to get rid of Josh but ultimately helped out another Big Brother star.

After events were shown in the episode, it brought both Devin and Fessy onto social media to call each other out for different reasons.

Devin tweets about Fessy’s comments on Double Agents

While many of the castmates from The Challenge seem to get along outside the show, it’s unknown if that’s the case for Devin and Fessy. During the Double Agents episodes, Devin has been portrayed as an instigator who has riled up the Big Brother stars without much effort.

Meanwhile, Fessy has continued to remind everyone he acts how he does on the show due to being an “introvert.” After he eliminated Cory Wharton’s pal Nelson Thomas, Fessy had a one-to-one conversation with Cory to explain that. He also told Gabby Allen about being an introvert ahead of the two sharing an on-screen kiss during Episode 10 of the show.

The morning after the episode aired, Devin continued to play the role of instigator, as he tweeted out his thoughts about Fessy’s introvert talk.

“The reason I was acting out last night is Bc I’m naturally an introvert. Idk what that word means but I heard it in college a few times and it makes ppl forgive me so that’s what I am,” Devin tweeted, referring to Fessy’s comments on the show.

Devin Walker tweets about Fessy being an introvert
Pic credit: @MTVDevinWalker/Twitter

As of this report, Devin’s sarcastic tweet had racked up almost 2,400 Likes and over 100 retweets, most likely from Challenge fans who are eating up his antics this season. However, Fessy was nowhere to be seen in the replies.

Fessy calls out Devin’s obsession with Big Brother

Following their daily mission win, Devin and his partner Gabby seized control as the Double Agents in Episode 10. While Devin wanted the other house members to vote Josh and Nany into elimination, the majority votes ended up going towards rookie Amber M and her partner Cory.

It was a female elimination, and Gabby had the opportunity to go down for a Hall Brawl against Amber M. but chose not to. Instead, she and Devin said they were putting Darrell Taylor and Amber Borzotra in.

That basically gave Amber B. an easy Gold Skull, as she took advantage of facing a smaller competitor. Following the episode, Fessy tweeted about Devin’s plans and how they seemed to backfire.

“Imagine coming after big brother the whole game yet giving us our 4th gold skull LOL,” Fessy tweeted, referring to Amber B. getting the win.

fessy shafaat tweets about devin walker obsession with big brother
Pic credit: @fessyfitness/Twitter

Fessy became the first of the Big Brother stars to earn a Gold Skull this season. His elimination win came after he asked then Double Agents power team Devin and Tori Deal to send him in against Nelson for Hall Brawl.

Josh received his Skull next, thanks to the power team of Kyle Christie and Kam Williams. They sent him and Nany in against rookies Amber M. and Mechie Harris. In the next episode, Kaycee followed suit by asking to go into elimination against Theresa Jones, where Kaycee easily won the Snapping Point event.

Devin has also earned his Gold Skull, so it should be interesting to see who goes after him for elimination or if he can somehow get rid of any of the Big Brother stars. Even if he ends up eliminated from the show, he’ll likely continue providing his thoughts on social media.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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