The Challenge: Double Agents’ Amber M reveals Episode 6 details including her injury, alliance member who betrayed her

the challenge double agents star amber martinez appears in meet the rookies video
Rookie competitor Amber M recently reacted to The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 6. Pic credit: MTV

According to rookie competitor Amber M, The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 6 included her suffering an injury that didn’t make it into the final cut of the show.

Amber, who has been a target in the house across several episodes, also talked about why she and Ashley were shown speaking up during the house deliberation.

In addition, she revealed she was surprised to see a certain castmate voted against her when it came to members of the house casting their secret individual votes.

Amber M. reveals she got hurt during Episode 6

While each episode of The Challenge: Double Agents is an hour and a half in runtime, it still seems a lot is being left out in terms of footage.

With Double Agents Episode 6, that included them leaving out an explanation of the rules for the daily mission, as well as Amber M getting hurt.

In her latest YouTube reaction video (below), she was joined by her cousin Kimmy and friend Max from Are You The One? to discuss some of the other details from the latest episode.

She told them that they had puzzle pieces inside of that large capsule they had to transport for the daily mission. Players were required to carry it overhead and couldn’t stop during the race. If they stopped or dropped the capsule, they were hit with a time penalty. There were three different checkpoints that involved obstacle course type challenges.

Amber revealed there was one point where she took a bad fall during the mission, and it really messed her up. It happened during the part of the obstacle course where competitors had to put their capsule in a hole in a wall and use it to step on to climb over the wall. She said when she stepped on the tube, it turned, and she fell on her back.

She said her partner, Mechie Harris offered to quit, but she kept going. After the mission was over, she said Devin Walker asked her if she was OK because he’d seen her take a bad fall.

Amber admitted she said she was fine because she didn’t want to get medically disqualified like Nicole Zanatta and Liv Jawanda had been for their injuries. However, she said she’s still got some lingering issues in her back due to that fall and that it affected her performance on the show.

An alliance member’s vote surprises Amber

Another thing that came up during Amber M’s reaction video was about the house voting. Members of the house each vote individually in secret. The only ones who really know how some of the votes went are the Double Agents power team. They get to see which team got the majority votes and which players voted for that team.

However, Amber M. got to see more about how specific people voted while watching Episode 6 on MTV last week. She was very surprised to see that Amber Borzotra and Darrell Taylor voted against her.

Amber B. was supposedly part of an alliance featuring Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, Gabby Allen, and Amber M., at least a week prior, as they all strategized to get rid of Tori Deal. They dubbed themselves the Itty Bitty Small Committee.

“Wow,” Amber M. said while watching the Double Agents episode and seeing how Amber B. voted for her.

“I’m done with this girl,” she added, seemingly very surprised that the Big Brother star voted against her.

“I really appreciate those people who didn’t vote against me,” Amber M. also said during her reaction video.

“I am so surprised by Darrell and Amber. Mostly Amber B., because we literally just said we were all in an alliance together. We worked together to get a team broken up, and then, she looked me in my eye and told me that she voted for Ashley.”

Amber M. also shared that the reason she and Ashley Mitchell were featured making arguments during the household deliberation was due to Theresa Jones working with the rookies. Theresa told Amber M. that Ashley was trying to make her the house vote. So, Theresa suggested that Amber and the rookie girls work with her to get Ashley sent into elimination instead.

That plan worked, but it seems Amber M and Amber Borzotra weren’t exactly on the same page as part of the Itty Bitty Small Committee alliance, and it’s unknown at this point why that is.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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