The Challenge: Cara Maria Sorbello shares thoughts on castmates Ashley Mitchell and Kam Williams

the challenge wotw2 stars kam williams natalie duran, cara maria sorbello ashley mitchell and nany gonzalez
Kam Williams, Natalie Duran, Cara Maria Sorbello, Ashley Mitchell, and Nany Gonzalez during The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2. Pic credit: Paramount+

Two-time Challenge champion Cara Maria Sorbello last appeared on the War of the Worlds 2 season, coming up empty in her quest for another winning season.

While she’s now been away for three seasons, she maintains that she hasn’t retired from the competition series just yet.

She doesn’t necessarily watch the latest season, Spies, Lies & Allies. However, Cara shared thoughts about one cast member, Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell, and if she’d work with her if the cast included Ashley’s friend, Amanda Garcia.

Along with that, Cara responded to a fan asking her thoughts about castmate Kam Williams and her potential to become a future Challenge champion.

Cara Maria reveals if she’d work with Ashley again

During the War of the Worlds 2 season, Cara was part of the cast alongside boyfriend Paulie Calafiore. The two teamed up with other cast members on the American team to form a powerful alliance.

Also part of that alliance were castmates Zach Nichols, Natalie Duran, Leroy Garrett, Kam Williams, and Ashley Mitchell. Unfortunately, the team fell apart during the final, despite having several former champs there.

A fan asked Cara on her recent Instagram Story if she would work with Ashley again even if Ashley’s friend Amanda were also there.

“My friends can be friends with whoever they want. I judge people on how they treat me on the show and in real life. I would def look out for my girl even though I am aware Amanda is her number 1. It’s just the way the game is,” Cara said as part of her response.

Cara said that despite her and Ashley having a “checkered past,” they were able to work on the same side during War of the Worlds 2.

She also praised the two-time champion saying she showed her what a “confident woman” she is and also made her “laugh every damn night.”

“Meltdowns or no meltdown this girl gets s**t done. She’s a champ for a reason,” Cara said.

cara maria comments on the challenge ashley mitchell
Pic credit: @misscaramaria/Instagram

Viewers saw Ashley lose twice in eliminations during her Double Agents stint, but on the recent Spies, Lies & Allies, she picked up a win, sending home rookie Priscilla Anyabu. As a two-time champ, one must wonder if she’ll soon become a target by other vets looking to win their first season.

Cara on Kam’s future potential to win The Challenge

As mentioned, “Killa” Kam Williams was also part of the WOTW2 alliance alongside Cara, Paulie, Ashley, and others. It’s no secret that Cara and Paulie have maintained a friendship with Kam and her boyfriend Leroy outside of reality TV, as the power couples met up this past summer. It’s also apparent that Cara fully supports Kam on The Challenge.

When a fan asked Cara if Kam is a future Challenge champion, Cara said she is “10000000%” a champion.

“She is authentic. Seriously smart. Classy. Strong as a bull. Can’t be manipulated. Confident. Empowering. And she has absolutely zero quit. I’m not sure which female is being pushed on the fans now….but @IAMKAMIAM_ should be the face of the show,” Cara said of her castmate.

the challenge cara shares thoughts on kam williams
Pic credit: @misscaramaria/Instagram Story

Kam’s records speak for themselves. She has 16 daily wins and an elimination record of 8-2. In five seasons, she reached the final three times, including last season.

Viewers last saw Kam Williams appear on Season 36, Double Agents, where she and teammate Cory Wharton finished second place in the season’s final. That netted the runner-up team a prize of $100,000 to split, adding to other money they may have banked from the show.

Kam has also shown her abilities to be a mastermind in the game when it comes to the votes and gaining the favor of castmates. While Kam’s on a brief hiatus from the show, it seems one day her Challenge championship will arrive, and Cara Maria will likely be amongst her biggest supporters there to congratulate her.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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