The Challenge: Britni Thornton says she’s ready to return, Da’vonne Rogers slams castmate for comments about her

the challenge star britni thornton at vendettas reunion
Former Are You The One? star Britni Thornton during The Challenge: Vendettas reunion special. Pic credit: Paramount+

A former competitor on MTV’s The Challenge says she’s ready for her return, as she was called for the current season but unavailable to appear due to other events in her life.

However, former Are You The One? Season 3 star Britni Thornton recently opened up about some of her former castmates, as she talked about who she has issues with from her time on The Challenge.

That included current Spies, Lies & Allies star Nelson Thomas and her former castmate, Da’Vonne Rogers. Upon learning of the comments, Da’Vonne fired back at Britni with some more remarks about her.

Britni Thornton ready to return to The Challenge

Fans last saw Britni Thornton on The Challenge: Final Reckoning, where she teamed up with her ex-boyfriend, Chuck Mowery. That season’s cast also featured Britni’s then-boyfriend, Brad Fiorenza, and a Redemption House twist.

With the twist, castmates who lost in an elimination went to a Redemption House, where they had a chance to get back into the main house later. When Chuck and Britni were there, so was the team of Paulie Calafiore and Natalie Negrotti.

Paulie used being in that private setting with them away from the rest of the cast to stir up drama. He planted the seeds that Britni and Chuck were reconnecting and that she possibly cheated on Brad while at the Redemption House. However, they hadn’t hooked up. Even so, it got Brad’s attention and rattled him.

It’s been several years since that season, and Britni recently admitted in an interview on Mike Lewis Podcast that she respected Paulie’s “game move.” Not only that, but she’s now on good terms with Paulie and girlfriend Cara Maria Sorbello, who have hung out before.

Britni also admitted to Mike Lewis that what Paulie did opened her eyes to other people. Not only did it open her eyes to Brad’s reaction to it, but also Nelson Thomas,’ among others. She said Nelson told Brad, “Yeah, she probably did, dude,” regarding the gossip that Britni hooked up with her ex Chuck.

Britni said it surprised her because Nelson was supposed to be her “best f*****g friend” and made those comments about her.

Nelson is currently on the Spies, Lies & Allies cast. Britni said she was called for the season but couldn’t participate due to closing on a home.

However, she’s keeping herself updated on social media about recent seasons of The Challenge. That’s in case she needs to know what her allies might have done that she’d be involved with. The 30-year-old Britni also said she’s motivated to return and to deal with any castmates she might need to.

“It’s like, I’m not the weak girl anymore. I’m no longer the underdog or the layup, you know? I work out now like I’m ready, so I’m like, ‘Alright, when I get back on, it’s game on. I still get phone calls,'” Britni said.

Britni still dislikes Da’Vonne after Final Reckoning

During his interview, Mike Lewis also brought up Britni’s feud with Da’Vonne Rogers from The Challenge and asked where things stand with that now.

“Oh yeah, f*** her,” Britni said, adding, “Da’Vonne, that girl can eat s*** til the day like I die. I have no respect for her.”

She mentioned that she came to Da’Vonne’s defense on social media before their season aired on MTV, and they exchanged messages.

“I reached out to her actually…before Final Reckoning aired…on Instagram, no it was Twitter, ‘the home of bullies,’ People were like bashing her so much about leaving her kid, like, ‘How dare you film, you’re a mom.” I went on there and stuck up for her,” Britni shared.

Britni said Da’Vonne messaged her to thank her. According to Britni, Da’Vonne also told her she said some “funny commentary” about her for Final Reckoning interviews and not to take things personally if and when it aired on MTV.

Britni said things seemed cool between them until she finally saw the episodes and heard Da’Vonne’s commentary. She said she felt Da’Vonne was “slandering [her] name” and “just being a straight-up b***h” with her comments. Check out the video clips below, including one from Final Reckoning when Britni and Da’Vonne were in the Redemption House together.

Da’Vonne Rogers reacts after Britni’s comments

After Britni’s comments circulated online, Da’Vonne, 33, fired off several reactions on her Twitter account in which she made some more remarks about her former castmate.

“She’s still mad ??! And why she STILL look like she stink. Girl ….,” Da’Vonne tweeted with one GIF.

In a second tweet with a GIF, the former Big Brother contestant also said she’d “forgot all about Miss Rotten Hot Pocket” in reference to Britni.

In what appears to be a final tweet on the matter, Da’Vonne seems to indicate that she’s done giving any more attention to Britni over their Final Reckoning issues.

Based on the above, Britni and Da’Vonne probably won’t be sending one another greeting cards for the holiday season.

Fans probably won’t see them as Challenge castmates either, as Da’Vonne doesn’t appear interested in returning for the show. She appeared on two seasons with Final Reckoning, followed by War of the Worlds. In both seasons, she made it relatively far before getting eliminated.

Meanwhile, Britni’s been in three seasons, including Dirty 30 and Vendettas. Final Reckoning was her most recent season, where she and Chuck got eliminated very early. Fans of The Challenge may see Britni’s return in Season 38 or after that based on her comments about getting called for Spies, Lies & Allies and being ready for a comeback.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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