The Challenge: Analyse Talavera warns castmate ‘don’t come for me’ after Ride or Dies Episode 3

analyse talavera in the challenge ride or dies episode 3
Analyse Talavera appears in a confessional interview for The Challenge: Ride or Dies. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Ride or Dies has featured rookies making moves early in the game as they attempt to stay safe and avoid eliminations.

Several of the all-rookie teams had shown themselves to be strong contenders in the season’s first few episodes, and that theme continued in Episode 3.

However, the elimination twist once again forced a team to make a difficult decision, which will probably come back to hurt them in the game.

Following Ride or Dies Episode 3, several rookies went on social media to talk about what unfolded, with Analyse Talavera giving her side of the story.

That included her warning a castmate not to go after her on Twitter as she explained exactly why she and her teammate made the decision they did.

This report will contain spoilers from The Challenge: Ride or Dies’ first three episodes.

Rookies tried to make deals before elimination event

In The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 3, Faysal Shafaat and his teammate Moriah Jadea were the daily challenge winners, giving them the power to choose four teams for potential elimination.

They chose four rookie teams: Johnny Middlebrooks with Ravyn Rochelle, Olivia Kaiser with Horacio Gutierrez, Colleen Schneider with Kim Tranka, and Analyse with Tommy Bracco.

Each team attempted to make a deal with Faysal and Moriah at the interrogation, with Johnny trying to convince them he’d not put them in if they won a future daily event. However, Faysal and Moriah chose to put them in at The Zone since they were such a strong team.

Before the elimination, Analyse and Tommy had separate conversations during the cast’s club outing with the other two rookie teams up for elimination. Based on the footage, Tommy and Analyse seemed to make deals with both teams to save them during The Draw.

When The Draw took place before elimination at The Zone, Analyse and Tommy pulled the “Safe” dagger. That meant they were safe from elimination and also got to save another team. They chose Colleen and Kim, which had Horacio and Olivia upset as they felt betrayed.

Horacio and Olivia went on to defeat Johnny and Ravyn in Double Decker, a variation of Hall Brawl. With that, one strong rookie got eliminated, and another strong rookie team returned to the game. They’ll likely look for some revenge against Analyse and Tommy.

Ravyn calls out rookies on Twitter as ‘fake’

Ravyn fired off a series of tweets as the episode aired on MTV, including one calling Tommy and Analyse “Fake fake fake” as a reaction to a superfan’s tweet about their moves in the episode.

ravyn tweets fake about analyse and tommy ride or dies
Pic credit: @ravyn_rochelle/Twitter

In another tweet, Ravyn questioned why Analyse and Tommy felt saving a weak rookie team rather than the stronger team of Olivia and Horacio was their best move at The Draw.

ravyn rochelle questions her castmates game move in ride or dies
Pic credit: @ravyn_rochelle/Twitter

Analyse reacts to Ride or Dies episode and castmate

Following MTV’s Ride or Dies airing, Analyse took to her Instagram Story to give further thoughts about the episode. As with most episodes, she indicated many things weren’t shown, including her close friendship with Moriah.

The episode revealed that Moriah’s teammate Faysal was pursuing Analyse and Colleen and cuddling in bed at different times with Laurel Stucky and Michele Fitzgerald.

In an IG Story slide (below), Analyse told her castmate not to come for her when she wasn’t the one who threw her and her teammate into elimination.

analyse talavera ig story slide after ride or dies episode 3
Pic credit: @analysetalavera/Instagram

Analyse posted another photo of herself on her IG Story and tagged Ravyn asking if she was “trying to take the focus off” herself. She mentioned in the slide that she and Tommy weren’t responsible for putting them into elimination. That was Faysal and Moriah’s decision.

Analyse also shared a series of videos about what went down. She mentioned that not everything discussed in The Challenge house was shown during the episode, so viewers don’t have all the context of what went down with their decision.

She said part of that was a conversation involving Faysal and Moriah where they wanted Johnny and Ravyn to face Horacio and Olivia in the elimination. So Faysal and Moriah told Analyse and Tommy if they got the “Safe” dagger not to save Horacio and Olivia.

Analyse said they decided to go with that plan to show Faysal and Moriah that they wanted to work with them.

“At the end of the day, we did what we did…At the time, we thought it was in our best interest. I don’t think it was anymore. I wish I could go back and redo it. I definitely regret it. I think Tommy and I could have played a lot longer if we had just done what we said we were gonna do. But also, it is what it is. I just wish they would’ve shown things that were said in the house,” Analyse shared.

“I definitely wish I would’ve played a game where I was honest and kept my word, but you know, can’t go back in time anymore. But yeah, anyways, don’t come for me for something. I didn’t even do anything to throw you in, girl, so,” she said.

Based on the preview trailer that arrived after Episode 3, Analyse and Tommy’s decision could have repercussions. A trailer scene included Nany Gonzalez speaking to Analyse at the club about their move.

Will it come back to haunt them in the next episode, or can the rookies find a way to smooth things over?

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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