The Challenge: Alyssa Lopez claps back at Zach Nichols after he calls her his ‘least favorite person’ on USA 2

alyssa lopez from the challenge usa 2 season
Alyssa Lopez responded after The Challenge alum Zach Nichols called her his “least favorite person” on USA 2. Pic credit: Paramount+

Alyssa Lopez is one of several CBS reality TV stars to cross over to the world of The Challenge as part of the USA spinoff.

After appearing in the debut season of the CBS show, she was one of three competitors from that cast who returned for Season 2. Alyssa received some early spotlight for her attempts to get rid of MTV veteran players from the game as part of a larger alliance of CBS players.

Some viewers became instant fans of Alyssa due to an infamous line during a team nomination meeting where she told Ride or Dies winner Tori Deal that maybe every move in the game isn’t about her.

However, she was a much quicker elimination in her second season than her first, and many have criticized the former Big Brother player for that after she had a lot to say in confessionals.

That includes former show winner Zach Nichols, who has been part of a podcast discussing the ongoing season of The Challenge: USA 2.

He recently referred to Alyssa as his “least favorite person on the show,” but his remarks didn’t go unnoticed by the outspoken reality TV star.

Zach shares why Alyssa is his ‘least favorite person’ on USA 2

In a preview clip for a new episode of GOHT Media and Zach Nichols’ weekly podcast, The Real World and Challenge star brought up Alyssa’s talking and performance on USA 2.

“Probably my least favorite person on this season would be Alyssa Lopez. Not because I don’t think she’s a good competitor, but she’s got this huge bark, and she’s gonna talk s**t to Tori and gaslight her, and I don’t like gaslighting, and she’s not gonna back it up in anything,” Zach said.

The Challenge’s 2012 Battle of the Seasons winner explained that Alyssa “had numbers” in the game to make things happen but “couldn’t make it work.”

“You gotta prove yourself if you’re gonna act like that,” Zach said, adding that Alyssa was “0-2 in [her] elimination rounds.”

Zach’s co-host Pierre Bacall also gave his thoughts about Alyssa and mentioned that he called her “the new Amanda [Garcia]” while speaking on another podcast.

“No one believes you can do anything. Why are you talking like you’re something?” he said, adding that she was “very beautiful” but “that doesn’t help you in an elimination.”

Zach said she “wasn’t backing much up” after talking so much and also “couldn’t swim in a life jacket.”

“I don’t think you should come back until you can,” Zach said of Alyssa’s swimming situation.

Alyssa claps back at Zach and his podcast following remarks

Much like she was outspoken during episodes of The Challenge: USA 2 and in interviews after her elimination aired on CBS, Alyssa didn’t stay silent on social media about the podcast comments.

She stopped by the comment section to offer a correction, letting them know she’s actually “1-2” in her elimination career.

During the first season of the USA spinoff, she picked up an elimination win with teammate Leo Temory in Episode 7. Four episodes later, she lost to her friend and ally, Angela Rummans, in a solo women’s elimination just before the final. In USA 2, she was out in the fifth episode, losing to castmate Cassidy Clark in an elimination event.

In another comment on the original podcast clip post, Alyssa shared that they had contacted her on social media.

“Meanwhile your podcast is in my DMs about joining my agency,” she wrote.

alyssa lopez fires back at zach nichols podcast remarks
Pic credit: @zachnicholspodcast/Instagram

Alyssa is the CEO and founder of Key Influencer Agency, which offers social media management, UGC collaborations, and influencer marketing. A separate Instagram page for the agency is available @keyinfluenceragenc.

Reality TV stars featured on the IG page as part of the agency’s “team” include Alyssa’s friend and Big Brother alum Angela, USA 2’s Alyssa Snider, and MTV’s The Challenge regular Nelson Thomas.

In interviews following her aired elimination, Alyssa mentioned that she wasn’t as prepared for her second season of The Challenge: USA as compared to the first. However, show host TJ Lavin named her and Tyler Crispen during an interview as two Big Brother stars from USA Season 2 he thought could compete on MTV’s version of The Challenge.

The Challenge: USA 2 airs Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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