The Challenge: Nelson Thomas on potential Season 40 return: ‘I wouldn’t write me off just yet’

nelson thomas in the challenge world championship spinoff
The Challenge star Nelson Thomas spoke about his potential return for Season 40. Pic credit: Paramount+

Nelson Thomas, a multi-time finalist from The Challenge, had become one of the popular competitors on MTV’s show for multiple seasons.

However, a serious car wreck earlier this year seemingly sidelined the athletic cast member from appearing on the show or its spinoffs, at least in the near future.

Nelson last appeared among the featured MTV Legends who competed in The Challenge: World Championship on Paramount+, a spinoff filmed before his wreck in Texas.

He wasn’t included among the six MTV vets on the spinoff, The Challenge: USA 2, which has episodes on CBS, and it’s unknown if he would’ve been up for consideration.

However, one would think Nelson regularly receives casting calls to appear in the popular reality TV competition series and related spinoffs.

He recently addressed several fan questions regarding his castmates, favorite Challenge season, and ongoing recovery and rehabilitation.

Nelson Thomas speaks about his situation with Fessy and other castmates

In a series of Instagram Story videos shared on YouTube, Nelson spoke about which cast members he’s been keeping in touch with from The Challenge. At the top of the list were some of his longtime pals and castmates, Cory Wharton and Hunter Barfield.

He also mentioned several women he’s remained in contact with, including his Ride or Dies teammate, Nurys Mateo.

Nelson touched on Nuyrs being away on her “honeymoon” right now as she’s “in love.” He didn’t mention Nurys dating Horacio, something fans recognized through The Challenge castmates’ IG Story updates last month.

In another Q&A response, a fan asked if Nelson was “still on good terms” with castmate Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat following their previous feud and rivalry.

“Man, hell nah! I hope he breaks a leg in SlamBall,” Nelly T said with a smile before saying, “I’m just playing y’all.”

“I wish nothing but the best for Fessy. That’s a good dude, man. He actually calls me and texts me all the time or DMs me. We’re always checkin’ up on each other,” Nelson revealed.

He said many fans might bring up what Fessy did to him in a previous season of The Challenge. However, Nelson said, “You gotta learn forgiveness,” adding that once he forgave Fessy, he showed “nothin’ but the other side of him.”

Nelson spoke about his recovery and possible Season 40 return

In several additional Q&A replies from Nelson, he talked about recovering from the severe injuries he sustained in a car accident earlier this year.

In another IG Story Q&A clip, a fan wished Nelson well and said they hoped he was “recovering well” from the injuries.

Nelson revealed he makes sure to “stay consistent” and uses positive affirmations daily before he gets out of bed. In another clip, he mentioned he’d lost about 20 lbs since his accident due to surgeries, hospital stays, and inability to do quite as much physically. Weeks ago, he posted about a dramatic change in his physique since the accident and hospitalizations.

Regarding Season 40, Nelson initially joked with fans, saying, “Hell yeah, I’m returning,” before admitting he wasn’t quite sure what the future would bring.

“I don’t know, man. I don’t know what God has in store for me or what lies in front of me. Right now, my main focus is getting my ankle better, walking, running, and jumping, and getting back to normal. Who knows about Season 40. I wouldn’t write me off just yet,” he told fans.

Earlier this year, family, friends, and fans learned of Nelson’s scary wreck in Texas, which involved him being rescued from his burning vehicle and taken to the hospital for severe injuries.

After multiple surgeries and lengthy hospital stays, he has been home for several weeks and regularly shows his efforts to rehab his surgically repaired leg and ankle.

“Today, I was fueled by an unyielding determination to push myself to the limit, to exceed by that extra one percent, because I believe greatness is on the horizon,” he wrote in his caption.

While Season 40 will likely happen, there’s ongoing speculation about it being the final season of The Challenge for MTV. After that, it’s possible the show would switch to CBS, Paramount+, or both.

If Season 40 were to feature the best of the best in terms of champions and finalists, one would think Nelson should be there. However, his recovery will remain the priority, and how far he progresses will ultimately decide when and if he returns.

The Challenge: USA 2 airs Thursdays at 10/9c on CBS.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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