The Challenge alum Mattie Breaux calls out All Stars OG for online remarks: ‘Speak to me like a woman’

mattie breaux from the challenge promo video
Mattie Breaux fired back at another Challenge finalist for recent remarks about Jason Aldean. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge’s Mattie Breaux recently came under scrutiny by several castmates due to her showing support for country singer Jason Aldean.

Mattie indicated she supported the singer after the release of his controversial song and music video, Try That in a Small Town.

The controversy arrived as many felt that the song lyrics, which Aldean didn’t write, and the accompanying music video promoted racism and violence.

Among those who called Mattie out for her tweet were former show winner Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell and Jemmye Carroll, who brought up how Mattie is banned from the show.

Mattie, 34, has now reacted to Jemmye’s remarks for calling her out “online like a child” and not using the phone to speak to her like an adult.

However, Jemmye fired right back, continuing to call out Mattie for her inappropriate remarks and mentioning she’s made others before.

The Challenge alum Mattie fires back at All Stars OG

Taking to Twitter on Friday morning, former Challenge finalist Mattie tagged Jemmye in a tweet telling her she could call her out “on whatever platform” she wanted to.

She continued her tweet, suggesting that Jemmye originally called her out childishly and not how former castmates should speak as adults.

“I admit I didn’t have the research needed to post online about a specific subject which I accept the consequences for but before you call me out online like a child I’m sure you can get my number and speak to me like a woman. Actually I’ll dm you my number so we can communicate like adults not internet trolls,” Mattie tweeted.

mattie breaux reacts to the challenge og jemmye carroll tweet
Pic credit: @MattieLBreaux/Twitter

Jemmye replied to Mattie’s tweet several hours later on Friday, telling her, “You said your s**t on twitter so I said mine & with all due respect, this isn’t the first time you’ve said inappropriate things.”

The 34-year-old OG then advised Mattie to “log off” Twitter and “pick up a book,” suggesting it might help her better “understand how disrespectful” the song was.

jemmye carroll replies to mattie breaux calling her out on twitter
Pic credit: @JustJem24/Twitter

On Saturday morning, Mattie posted what appeared to be a follow-up to her exchange with Jemmye and her previous tweet about Aldean.

“Lost followers Gained peace I’m good,” the WOTW finalist tweeted.

the challenge alum mattie breaux says lost followers
Pic credit: @MattieLBreaux/Twitter

As of this writing, her Twitter account has over 172,000 followers, while her Instagram has 562,000.

Were Jemmye and Mattie castmates on The Challenge?

By now, many fans know that Jemmye is known for speaking her mind on Twitter or elsewhere. She notoriously revealed what she referred to as inside details about Jordan Wiseley and Tori Deal’s split, including cheating allegations.

According to Mattie during an Instagram live, she no longer works for MTV or does reality TV due to “unfortunate circumstances.” It’s believed she was referring to her several DUIs and arrests outside of The Challenge.

She’s been a cast member in just two seasons of The Challenge. She last appeared in the Total Madness season after debuting as a rookie on War of the Worlds and reaching the final.

Jemmye has appeared in seven MTV seasons of the show, beginning with 2012’s Battle of the Seasons and ending with Final Reckoning. During her seasons, she got to the one final, Rivals II, with controversial castmate Camila Nakagawa as her partner.

Jemmye also appeared in two of the All Stars spinoff seasons, reaching the final in the debut season.

Mattie and Jemmye have never been castmates, but many cast members don’t hesitate to give their opinions on The Challenge and other cast members. It remains to be seen if Mattie and Jemmye will continue to go at it online or if this particular battle has ended.

The Challenge Season 39 is TBA for MTV. The Challenge: USA 2 premieres Thursday, August 10, at 10/9c on CBS.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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