The Challenge’s Mattie Breaux gets jail time for her third DUI charge

mattie breaux to get jail time after third dui charge
Mattie Breaux was on Season 35 of MTV’s The Challenge. Pic credit: @mattielynnbreaux/Instagram

Mattie Lynn Breaux is heading to jail after her recent sentencing for another driving under the influence (DUI) charge.

Breaux, who was recently part of MTV’s The Challenge, and appeared on reality shows Party Down South and Floribama Shore, will also be on supervised probation after that.

In addition, the former Challenge final competitor is going to be without her driver’s license, once again.

Mattie Lynn Breaux sentenced for third DUI

Based on a TMZ report, Mattie Lynn Breaux was sentenced for her third DUI charge, and it came with jail time.

The 31-year-old Louisiana native is set to serve a total of seven days at Davidson County Jail, and it will be served on the weekends until it’s finished. As TMZ mentioned, this is the standard for similar DUI cases.

In addition to the jail time, Breaux will go on supervised probation for up to a year. For a third time, she loses her driver’s license for a year due to another DUI.

The jail time arrives after Breaux pled guilty to misdemeanor DUI, and the judge suspended all but seven days of the nearly one year of jail time that she originally sentenced.


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This third DUI charge arrived for an arrest back in 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee. Breaux reportedly told officers after a crash she’d taken “Hydrocodone and chugged two beers” prior to driving.

Officers also indicated that Breaux had slurred speech, and they could smell a “strong odor of booze” from her.

During her treatment at the hospital, she also told officers that she had two previous DUIs on her record.

In 2014, a judge issued a bench warrant for Breaux’s arrest because she didn’t show up for a pretrial hearing. That was for her September 2014 arrest on a charge of operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Breaux’s DUI was shown on Season 1 of Party Down South, which included her being hospitalized for alcohol poisoning.

Breaux last appeared on Total Madness

Mattie Lynn Breaux has appeared twice on MTV’s The Challenge, with her first appearance coming in 2019 on War of the Worlds. She made the final on that season but got to the point that she felt she couldn’t go anymore and withdrew. That gave her a seventh-place finish.

Her second appearance came on Season 35, The Challenge: Total Madness. Breaux made it to Episode 11, where Dee Nguyen eliminated her. At the time, Nguyen created controversy regarding remarks she made about Black Lives Matter, which made plenty of fans upset. MTV placed a special message ahead of the episode and started to show less of Nguyen each episode thereafter.

Before her arrival on The Challenge, Breaux made her debut as part of the Party Down South cast in 2014. The series aired multiple seasons on CMT. She had an alter-ego on the series known as “Martha” – her wild side that came out once she was drunk.

Breaux also appeared on the third season of MTV’s Floribama Shore in 2019.

As far as returning to The Challenge goes, she’s not amongst the cast members on Season 36, Double Agents. Based on her getting a third DUI charge and this latest sentence, one has to wonder if and when she will ever be back.

The Challenge Season 36 premieres on Wednesday, December 9, at 8/7c on MTV.

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