The Challenge: All Stars’ Mark Long responds to Big Brother star calling him out for boxing match

mark long of the challenge all stars
Two-time Challenge champ Mark Long says he’s interested in a celebrity boxing match. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge OG Mark Long could soon be adding boxing champ to his resume along with his list of reality TV and other accomplishments.

While he’s coming off the success of The Challenge: All Stars, he’s likely looking for more ways to stay competitive. That may have arrived thanks to a celebrity boxing event.

On Friday night, Mark heard his name called along with several other Challenge stars, as one Big Brother star said he was looking for more action in the ring.

All Stars’ Mark Long teases Big Brother vs. The Challenge boxing event

On August 6, Big Brother USA stars battled Big Brother Canada stars in a celebrity boxing event in Texas. Several of those Big Brother stars are now stars of The Challenge, including Kaycee Clark, Josh Martinez, and Fessy Shafaat.

They’ll all appear in the upcoming Spies, Lies & Allies season on MTV, and several of their Challenge castmates attended the event to show support.

Meanwhile, The Godfather Mark Long was watching from afar, and the OG definitely noticed when 31-year-old BB star Jeremy McGuire called out his name.

After winning his match, the Big Brother 15 star was asked if there’s anyone else from reality TV he’d like to fight.

“You know, there’s like several. I’d like to take on CT [Tamburello]. I’d like to take on Logan Paul. I’d like to take on Mark Long. I’d like to take on Jon Pardy. I’d like to take on Fessy. I’d like to take on Adam Pike. Let’s go, baby. Anybody, anytime,” Jeremy said after his win.

Mark was quick to accept the offer for a fight, as he tweeted the video clip with a message, suggesting Jeremy’s guys should reach out to set things up.

“@CBSBigBrother VERSUS @ChallengeMTV #godfather,” Mark, 50, said in his tweet.

Long recently appeared on Paramount Plus’ The Challenge: All Stars spinoff season, an idea he was the driving force behind and helped bring to life. He competed in the final along with 11 castmates and finished in fifth place.

Commentator suggests Mark Long’s match ‘in near future’

On Saturday, Mark shared a second video clip from a boxing match. During the bout, a commentator mentioned that Jeremy “Manimal” McGuire already has an offer for a fight from Mark Long.

“From The Challenge, the OG Challenger saying he is ready to fight, so look for that in the near future,” the commentator said.

As of this Monsters & Critics report, nothing has been officially set up involving “The Godfather” Mark Long and Jeremy “The Manimal” McGuire. However, it’s seeming like things could be in motion for an event.

Before the celebrity Big Brother boxing event, Mark tried to help his All Stars castmate Darrell Taylor get a fight against YouTuber Jake Paul. However, that never materialized, and Paul is currently booked for a boxing match against former UFC champ Tyron Woodley instead.

Fessy Shafaat, who was on Big Brother and now appears on The Challenge, also called out castmate CT Tamburello for a boxing match as filming for Season 37 was going on. Technically, the two could compete as cast members from their respective shows, with CT representing Real World or The Challenge and Fessy representing Big Brother.

While nothing is official, fans know Mark Long develops winning ideas, including The Challenge: All Stars. A celebrity Challenge vs. Big Brother boxing event could be the next great event that fans need to witness.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 is TBA for 2021 on Paramount Plus. Season 1 episodes are currently available on Paramount Plus.

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