The Challenge: All Stars alternate still wants to compete on the show, but unsure about regular season

the challenge all stars cast in episode 2
One of the alternates for The Challenge: All Stars could still compete on the regular season, but may not be able to Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars spinoff season gives viewers some of their all-time favorite cast members from the many seasons of the MTV reality series.

It featured 22 competitors at the start, and while fans questioned some of the casting choices, most viewers love the show’s format and what it has to offer.

With the popularity of The Challenge: All Stars, it also has fans hoping for future seasons where other former competitors will appear on the show. That seems like a strong possibility, and one female competitor seems like she’d love to be part of it.

The Challenge: All Stars alternates included Rivals II finalist

Along with the All Stars main cast, several alternate cast members were in quarantine in case someone from the main cast had to leave before filming. Among the alternates were Ryan Kehoe, Cohutta Grindstaff, Casey Cooper, and Heather Cooke.

Cooke, who originally debuted on The Real World: Las Vegas in 2011 along with veteran competitors Nany Gonzalez and Leroy Garrett, did just one season of The Challenge. She appeared on the Rivals II season, and started the season as Naomi Defensor’s partner.

Naomi ended up withdrawing from the season due to a family emergency back home. The Challenge then brought Cara Maria Sorbello in to replace her as Cooke’s teammate.

Cara and Cooke ended up being a force to be reckoned with that season, as the duo made it to the Rivals II final, and ended up finishing in second place behind Emily Schromm and Paula Meronek.

After that, viewers never saw Cooke return to compete on The Challenge. However, she nearly emerged on the spinoff show and probably would’ve been a tough competitor to defeat on the OG series.

Cooke comments about The Challenge mistakes

On Friday night (April 16), The Challenge star Wes Bergmann decided to have a bit of an Instagram Live party to give himself some company, stating that his wife had left for a trip, so he was all alone.

During his Instagram Live, he brought on Challenge stars Nehemiah Clark, Kailah Casillas, and Cara Maria. He also brought on All Stars alternate Heather Cooke in the last 15 minutes of his IG Live video (below).

Wes appeared on the Rivals II season, and that was one of the two seasons he won. He was partnered with his fierce rival, Chris “CT” Tamburello. After discussing with Wes how he was mean to her on the bus that season, they discussed Cooke nearly going on All Stars and her desire to compete.

“I was kind of on the bottom of the totem pole being the youngest, but I had a pretty sweet time in Argentina, so I really can’t complain,” the 32-year-old Cooke said of her alternate status.

Wes brought up how after the Rivals II season, she went on to live her life, including getting married, having a baby, and playing soccer. However, Wes pointed out that once she left, they started to pay more on The Challenge, and it also brought other opportunities.

He told Cooke that he thought “a lot of the fandom knows you would’ve dominated those women for the whole time” if she continued with more seasons.

Cooke admitted she is watching both seasons of the show right now and realized where her big mistakes were on the show.

“I always say like, ‘Ok, I could make it in a final,’ but the problem is getting to the final, and that’s where my game was not strong at all,” she shared with Wes.

Cooke mentioned she basically had no political game and a nonchalant attitude about going into eliminations, which isn’t always smart. Wes mentioned that it could’ve been due to being partners with Cara Maria and Cooke seemed to agree that was part of it.

Cooke says returning for regular season would be hard

As far as returning to compete again, Wes brought up she would be a great addition as a female competitor on the regular season. However, Cooke said the time commitment for that makes it difficult.

“If it wasn’t as long filming, I could totally do it. Like the first All Stars was shorter, but…over a month is like a lot,” Cooke said about filming for the regular season.

Cooke said her husband was supportive of her going away for the show, but wouldn’t be thrilled if she had to leave for a long time. Luckily, it seems future All Stars filming might not take her away for quite that long.

Cooke is now Heather Cooke Vetreno, a wife and mother, so it makes sense that she may not have the time available for the regular seasons of the show. However, thanks to Paramount Plus’ All Stars spinoff, The Challenge fans could see her back again if they keep showing the love and suggesting her for the cast.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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