The Challenge: All Stars 4 spoilers reveal who won the final and spinoff season format

tj lavin host of the challenge all stars spinoff show
TJ Lavin is the host of The Challenge: All Stars spinoff. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: All Stars 4 spoilers have revealed that the season has officially wrapped up its filming in South Africa, with the final taking place to determine winners.

A new champion now joins previous All Stars winners, including Yes Duffy, MJ Garrett, Jonna Mannion, and Wes Bergmann.

Monsters and Critics previously reported about the remaining All Stars 4 finalists, which included several women who have won the MTV show.

It also included four men competing in the final who have yet to win a season of MTV’s The Challenge or during their appearances in the All Stars spinoff.

Based on the spoilers, the spinoff’s fourth season has just one winner who claims the grand prize money for finishing the final ahead of the competition.

This report will contain possible spoilers from the upcoming fourth season of The Challenge: All Stars.

Who won The Challenge: All Stars 4 season?

In the first installment of Paramount Plus’ The Challenge: All Stars, viewers saw multiple competitors reach the final from the men’s and women’s sides. However, Yes Duffy was the sole winner of the season, claiming $500,000.

Spoilers for All Stars 4 have revealed that there is only one winner for the season that just completed filming in South Africa.

The men’s finalists were Derek Chavez, Steve Meinke, Ace Amerson, and Leroy Garrett. Women’s finalists included former champions Cara Maria Sorbello, Veronica Portillo, and Laurel Stucky, as well as MTV Challenge finalist Nicole Zanatta.

An online Vevmo forum thread has revealed that Laurel finished ahead of the rest of the competitors to win the season. That gives her an All Stars championship to add to her win during MTV’s Free Agents.

Viewers most recently saw Laurel in MTV’s Ride or Dies season, along with fellow All Stars 4 finalist Veronica. Laurel joins Wes as a cast member who followed up a recent appearance in an MTV version of The Challenge with a win on All Stars. Wes was featured in the Double Agents season before taking an MTV season off and returning to win All Stars 3.

Format for The Challenge: All Stars 4 revealed

Based on additional All Stars 4 spoilers, the upcoming season will have a similar format to The Challenge’s Free Agents and Dirty 30 seasons.

These installments of the show didn’t have any set teams or pairs. Instead, daily challenge formats changed during the season, meaning they could be individuals, pairs, or teams in each event.

The All Stars 4 season also has a twist involving stars. To qualify for the final, a competitor must have one of the six stars available. There are three available for the men and three available for the women.

The Stars were given out after the first daily challenge. Competitors needing a star can win another person’s star by defeating them in elimination. If the elimination winner already has a star, they can choose to steal one from a woman to give to another woman or a man to give to another man in the cast.

Now that the season has concluded filming and has an official winner, they’ll likely begin editing the footage to put together the episodes. With that, All Stars 4 episodes could be on the way several weeks after the conclusion of the upcoming spinoff, The Challenge: World Championship, also on Paramount Plus.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 is TBA for Paramount Plus. The Challenge: World Championship premieres Wednesday, March 8, on Paramount Plus.

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