The Challenge: All Stars 3’s Wes Bergmann shares only reason he’ll return to the show

wes bergmann in the challenge all stars 3
The Challenge star Wes Bergmann appears in an All Stars 3 confessional interview. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars 3 brought back plenty of OGs from MTV’s past shows, including The Real World: Austin trio of Melinda Collins, Nehemiah Clark, and Wes Bergmann.

Nehemiah and Melinda appeared in the prior season of All Stars, with Wes making his debut in Season 3. It came after a brief hiatus from MTV’s main Challenge and was a smart decision based on his season.

He recently shared his thoughts on his return season, including thanks for two particular castmates, and explained the only reason he will return to The Challenge. This report will contain spoilers from Season 3 of the Paramount Plus spinoff.

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Wes Bergmann reflects on All Stars 3 season

Paramount Plus released the final episode of All Stars 3 this past week, featuring the conclusion of TJ Lavin’s final. The men’s finalists included Wes along with Brad Fiorenza, Nehemiah Clark, and Mark Long. All Stars 2 winner Jonna Mannion, Kailah Casillas, Nia Moore, and KellyAnne Judd were on the women’s side.

While Nehemiah started the All Stars 3 final with a five-point advantage due to having the most stars from eliminations, Wes showed why he’s among the best to play The Challenge. He worked effectively with various teammates and endured various checkpoints or tasks. That included tandem kayaking, solving different puzzles, running on foot, biking, and eating disgusting foods.

Ultimately, he and Jonna were The Challenge: All Stars 3 winners, reaching the yacht on their surfboards first, with TJ Lavin on board to congratulate them on winning $250,000 each. Wes admitted he didn’t really need the money due to already being well off but wanted to add another win to his Challenge resume.

Taking to his Instagram after the final episode was released, Wes shared a post in which he reflected on the season. He sent thanks to production for creating “the coolest game in the world.” Wes also gave shout-outs to his friends who were castmates on the show, particularly Brad and Nehemiah, who he said he “felt privileged” to play alongside “all the way to the finish line.”

“I want to thank the fans. Y’all are so cool and make this game so ridiculously special. I’m forever in your debt. You’re the reason I leave it all on the field,” Wes also said, in addition to thanking his wife for letting him leave to participate in All Stars 3.

Wes says he’ll ‘probably’ return, but only for one reason

In his post, Wes mentioned he’s “got hundreds of companies, a BMW, a monster truck, and a Lamborghini.” Based on all that, it would seem there’s not much he gains from The Challenge that will boost his life beyond getting that adrenaline rush and glory of winning.

However, he mentions in his IG post that there’s only one reason he would return: not to win again, but instead to troll others and make some people’s lives “miserable.”

“Will I return? Yes, probably. But I will not return with the intent of winning. Only with the intent of trolling. It’s time others win. I’m now just going to show up to make the lives of anyone that looks at me sideways MISERABLE. I will take the worst human on the cast and back them into a corner until they beg for forgiveness – to which I will never grant,” Wes stated.

During his All Stars 3 win, he crossed paths with All Stars 1 winner, Yes Duffy, and the two butted heads early in the season. The two would eventually meet in an elimination, with Wes sending his rival home. However, the two continued trash-talking on social media after filming and while episodes arrived, as they seemed to just not get along.

However, Wes, 37, can add his All Stars 3 victory to his two other wins on MTV’s The Challenge. He previously won The Duel on his own and then Rivals II as Chris “CT” Tamburello’s teammate.

If he returns, fans will once again enjoy watching one of the masters of the game excel at what he loves to do, all while trolling away and making specific individuals miserable. If not, Wes can happily ride off into the sunset in that shiny new Lambo, enjoying his life with his wife, dog, and hundreds of companies.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes are available on Paramount Plus.

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