The Challenge: All Stars 3 winners Wes Bergmann and Jonna Mannion rise up money leaderboard

the challenge all stars 3 winners wes bergmann and jonna mannion
Jonna Mannion and Wes Bergmann are the winners of The Challenge: All Stars 3. Pic credit: Paramount+

Wes Bergmann and Jonna Mannion recently added another win to their resumes for The Challenge and have moved up the money leaderboard considerably.

While The Challenge: All Stars 3 winners didn’t take over the top spots, they both are now in the top 10 of all-time winners when it comes to prize money from the shows.

In particular, Jonna has surged up the leaderboard thanks to her back-to-back wins in the past year or so, each worth a hefty sum for the spinoff show.

Wes and Jonna move up The Challenge leaderboard

With back-to-back victories in The Challenge: All Stars 2 and All Stars 3, Jonna Mannion has now put herself into the top 10 all-time winners based on prize money.

Each season’s victory brought her $250,000. In All Stars 2, she split $500,000 with her teammate in the final, MJ Garrett. For The Challenge: All Stars 3, she won for the women, with Wes winning for the men. The two winners split $500,000 in prize money.

According to a chart via @challengestats (below), Jonna surged up five spots on the list with her second All Stars win to become 10th overall, edging out recent MTV show winners Jenny West, Amber Borzotra, and Kaycee Clark.

Wes also surged four spots and re-entered the top 10. He took over the No. 8 spot, edging out his All Stars 3 rival and the winner of the first All Stars season, Yes Duffy.

Check out the complete list below, where Chris “CT” Tamburello is currently No. 1 with $1.365 million, followed by seven-time champion Johnny Bananas at $1,184,720 and Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell at $1,121,250.

Wes won two MTV seasons and All Stars 3

The Challenge: All Stars 3 was Wes Bergmann’s first appearance on the spinoff series and a successful one for him. He brought his extensive experience on the MTV show into the game and excelled throughout the season, winning an elimination against Yes, and ultimately crushing the final.

He’s won over $500,000 in prize money due to his two previous MTV show wins. Wes, a former The Real World: Austin star, won his first Challenge with The Duel in 2006, which was his second season.

He’d win a second MTV Challenge season alongside his rival CT on Rivals II, which took place in 2013. That was worth just $62,500 each for Wes and CT.

The prize money on MTV’s shows and spinoffs has significantly increased since the older seasons when cast members were happy to get $25,000 to $50,000 for a win. Now, prizes have been worth as much as $1 million for one winner, or two winners have been able to split that prize.

Some of the biggest wins in recent history were Ashley Mitchell on Final Reckoning, where she opted to claim all $1 million of the prize money for herself, and Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran’s War of the Worlds win, where he received $750,000.

Could Wes and Jonna move even higher on the leaderboard? That depends on the future of the spinoff and if they choose to return to compete.

The fate of The Challenge: All Stars is currently unknown, as there’s yet to be an announcement regarding a fourth season or beyond. However, Wes and Jonna could always appear on MTV’s main show as season-long competitors or mercenaries in a twist to add more money to their totals.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes are available on Paramount Plus. The Challenge: USA episodes air Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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