The Challenge: All Stars spoilers: Castmates react to Season 3 winner’s journey

finalists during the challenge all stars 3 season
Finalists Nehemiah Clark, Nia Moore, and Jonna Mannion during The Challenge: All Stars 3 season finale. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars Season 3 is in the books, with winners recently crowned in TJ Lavin’s epic final. It started with 24 competitors and was trimmed to just eight OGs for the final challenge.

Ultimately, two individuals finished ahead of their competition, enduring various tasks, checkpoints, and feats of endurance. Both winners have since reacted to their big wins, which weren’t their first.

Castmates have also given their opinions about the winners, reacting to both competitors’ social media posts. Keep in mind that this report will contain spoilers for the All Stars 3 season.

Which OGs won The Challenge: All Stars 3?

While All Stars’ first season crowned just one champion with Yes Duffy, Season 2 featured one man and one woman winning. It was former Real Worlders MJ Garrett and Jonna Mannion, with the latter proving twice that she had what it took to reach a final and win it.

Jonna, 33, returned for Season 3 and was put to the test. While her first few seasons allowed her to “skate” to the final, as some castmates or critics might say, her third season saw her have to win an elimination event.

At The Arena, Jonna eliminated Beth Stolarczyk, who had been accusing Jonna of cheating on her husband with MJ. That kept Jonna safe in the game. However, she soon lost her biggest supporter there, MJ Garrett, who Derrick Kosinski defeated in an elimination.

Even so, Jonna persevered, avoiding further eliminations and getting into the power position when it counted. She reached the final alongside Kailah Casillas, Nia Moore, and KellyAnne Judd. Jonna also had the most stars of any of the women there due to her wins at The Arena.

Jonna endured various puzzles, tasks, and physical tests that TJ’s All Stars 3 final involved. That included running on foot, biking or kayaking with a male partner, eating disgusting foods, and head-to-head battles against her opponents.

In the end, she and Wes Bergmann were the first individuals to reach a yacht via surfboard with host TJ Lavin on board and $500,000 in prize money to split. The Challenge shared an Instagram post congratulating the winners, who are pictured jumping for joy aboard the vessel following their win.

Winners comment on All Stars 3 season and victory

After the final episode arrived on Paramount Plus, Wes Bergmann shared his thoughts, revealing the only reason he’ll return for All Stars. Jonna also reacted to her season and back-to-back wins.

She shared a photo alongside other finalists, Nehemiah Clark, Kailah, and Wes, and called All Stars 3 “one of the harder seasons” she’s ever done.

“It tested me mentally, physically, and emotionally. I reached my breaking point. And instead of crumbling, I rose above it. This season was really about proving to myself and the rest of the world that I deserve to be in the position I am in now,” Jonna said in her caption.

She finished her caption by issuing a challenge to any OGs: “I came for the crown, defended it… now who wants it??”

Nearly 13,000 individuals liked Jonna’s post, which featured other pics with her and castmates, and a few photos of Jonna getting to see her ecstatic husband and kids again.

The Challenge castmates react to All Stars 3 winners

Jonna’s Instagram post also brought over 900 comments from fans giving their congratulations. In addition, more than a few Challengers dropped by to congratulate the back-to-back champion.

Fellow finalist Nia Moore said she was “beyond proud” of Jonna’s journey and her back-to-back wins. Nia also said she’s ready to take that crown from her and is “doing the work now.”

nia moore comments about jonna mannion all stars 3 season
Pic credit: @jonnamannion/Instagram

“Congratulations again!! So proud of you!! ?❤️” fellow finalist Brad Fiorenza commented.

brad fiorenza reacts jonna mannion all stars 3
Pic credit: @jonnamannion/Instagram

“It was so fun. Thanks for having my back. I’m happy we got to spend time together finally! ?” Kailah Casillas wrote.

kailah casillas reacts jonna mannion all stars 3
Pic credit: @jonnamannion/Instagram

Katie Cooley, Jonna’s castmate on the first two All Stars seasons, wrote that her victory was “well deserved.”

katie cooley shares reaction to jonna mannion all stars 3
Pic credit: @jonnamannion/Instagram

Jonna’s former Real World: Cancun castmate, Emilee Fitzpatrick, also dropped by, commenting that Jonna has “always been a Champion” and has “evolved into such an amazing woman.”

emilee fitzpatrick comments on jonna mannion all stars 3 season
Pic credit: @jonnamannion/Instagram

It has been a long journey for Jonna, who didn’t seem like the fiercest competitor in her earlier days, but has since grown into someone castmates feel is a threat in the game. However, she’s also managed to build her social and political game to further herself in The Challenge.

Fans will now wait to see if Jonna Mannion returns with her “mom strength” for another season, whether it’s on MTV’s main show or another All Stars run on Paramount+.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes are available on Paramount+.

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