The Challenge: All Stars 2 spoilers reveal potential medical scare in Episode 5 trailer

tj lavin in the challenge all stars 2 episode 5 trailer
The Challenge: All Stars 2 host TJ Lavin watches medics attend to a competitor in Episode 5. Pic credit: Paramount+

Some of The Challenge: All Stars 2 spoilers have arrived courtesy of a trailer revealed after Episode 4.

In the sneak preview of All Stars 2, Episode 5, viewers see there could be a competitor facing a major medical scare during the latest daily mission.

Along with that, an alliance is plotting their next moves to ensure they keep going after the heavy hitter OGs that could get in their way of winning the final.

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This report will contain spoilers up through Episode 4 and possibly Episode 5 of The Challenge: All Stars 2.

Trailer for All Stars 2, Episode 5 arrives online

A look of concern on the face of host TJ Lavin says it all in the new trailer for Episode 5 of All Stars. Footage shows TJ watching from nearby as medics attend to one of the fallen OGs.

The footage shows former Real World: Austin star Melinda Collins, lying down and possibly in pain during the daily mission.

It appears to be another mission in which the agents are up high, this time jumping to platforms above the water. Part of the footage seems to reveal Jasmine Reynaud crashing down into the water.

Earlier in the trailer footage, Melinda is shown in tears, telling MJ Garrett, “tomorrow’s going to be a rough one” for her. It’s not revealed what she’s referring to, but it’s possibly related to the devastating miscarriage she suffered earlier this year.

Watch the Episode 5 trailer below to see more of what’s on the way for All Stars 2.

Which OGs were eliminated from All Stars 2 so far?

In another part of the trailer, viewers see Nehemiah Clark with his allies Teck “Money” Holmes and Laterrian Wallace. In All Stars 2, Episode 4, the three OGs plotted to get rid of one of their toughest opponents early, and it worked.

When their roommate Steve Meinke won the daily challenge, it gave him the power to nominate guys for elimination. He decided to go after the “three-headed monster” of Derrick Kosinski, Darrell Taylor, and Brad Fiorenza. Brad was the losing men’s competitor in the daily challenge, so he was already going into elimination.

Steve and Casey Cooper, the women’s winner in the daily challenge, came up with a sneaky plan to make sure Derrick was voted in against Brad. They did that by first making sure to nominate the two winners of the previous elimination, Jodi Weatherton and Cohutta Grindstaff, causing them to use their Lifeshields to save themselves.

With that, they took away their power to possibly save Derrick. It ended up being Derrick vs. Brad in the elimination, with Brad able to defeat him by solving a puzzle quicker after both guys hustled to transfer 1,000 pounds of weighted bags.

In the women’s round, Ayanna Mackins picked up her second elimination win of the season, sending Katie Cooley home early. Previously, Ayanna defeated Leah Gillingwater in the opening episode. During that same episode, Nehemiah defeated Derek Chavez.

In All Stars 2, Episode 2, viewers watched as Jodi won her first-ever Challenge elimination, defeating Sophia Pasquis. For the men’s side, it was Cohutta taking out Ryan Kehoe. That means six of the OG cast members have been eliminated from the running for the final, as another double-elimination will arrive in Episode 5.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount+.

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