The Challenge 40 spoilers: Insider reveals three cast members ‘not to expect’ and potential release date

the challenge host tj lavin appears during usa 2 final
The Challenge host TJ Lavin and viewers may not see three fan favorites in the Season 40 cast. Pic credit: CBS

With MTV’s Battle For a New Champion about to crown its winner, spoilers for The Challenge Season 40 continue to arrive online.

Since the newest installment is expected to start filming soon, many fans wonder who will or won’t be part of the competition show’s cast.

Spoilers have already suggested that a former show winner and fan-favorite finalist will return for Season 40.

In addition, spoilers have indicated several cast members from Season 39 will return to compete again.

However, some fans might be upset that three MTV cast members were recently revealed as not expected to appear in the upcoming season.

This report will contain spoilers for The Challenge Season 40, which has yet to start filming for MTV.

A new Season 40 cast update arrives from insider

While the new season of MTV’s competition series, The Challenge, is rumored to feature show winner Kaycee Clark, viewers shouldn’t expect to see her partner Nany Gonzalez with her.

The recent update from @GamerVev on social media suggests not to expect Nany on Season 40. In addition, it brings some bad news as Kailah Casillas and Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell shouldn’t be expected either.

Nany and Kailah both appeared on The Challenge: Ride or Dies season. Kailah arrived with her husband, Sam Bird, as her teammate, while Nany teamed with her longtime friend and castmate Johnny Bananas.

While Kailah and Sam were the first pair eliminated from the game, Nany and Bananas reached the final, finishing second to winners Tori Deal and Devin Walker.

Nany’s relationship with castmate Kaycee continued beyond Ride or Dies, as the couple got engaged in September 2023.

Ashley last appeared on the Spies, Lies & Allies season, where she was mysteriously deactivated from the game, leaving fans wondering what happened. Online rumors indicated a heated argument with her castmate led to her getting kicked off the show, possibly for going too far with her remarks.

That argument was never aired, and there was never a reason specified for Ashley’s departure by host TJ Lavin or MTV. As previously reported, Ashley revealed she’s had calls since that season and might have been in talks to return.

Since her previous season of MTV’s show, Ashley also moved out of the country, but it remains unclear if she is being contacted for the show or turning down the calls.

Insider suggests a surprising release update for Season 40

In a separate update, @GamerVev dropped a surprising comment about the timeframe viewers might expect to see The Challenge Season 40.

Based on @GamerVev’s tweet, the new season could premiere before the highly-anticipated All Stars 4 spin-off does.

All Stars is the popular spin-off connected to The Challenge that gets released on Paramount+. Many fans have been anxiously awaiting it to air based on cast spoilers suggesting several fan favorites will appear in the season.

screenshot as challenge insider shares potential release news for all stars 4 spinoff
A tease about The Challenge 40. Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

It’s disappointing news as fans continue to wonder what is holding things up with the release. The Challenge: All Stars’ debut season had episodes released on Paramount+ from April to June 2021.

The All Stars 2 spin-off episodes arrived at Paramount+ from November 2021 into January 2022. All Stars 3 episodes were released from May into July 2022, so it’s been a lengthy hiatus between seasons.

An exact release date for Season 40 is currently unknown. However, the latest speculation indicates the cast departs for filming in March.

As of this writing, MTV’s 39th season will air its season finale on Wednesday, February 21, followed by its two-episode reunion special for the two weeks after that.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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