The Busch Family Brewed recap: Will the Busch family convince Billy Jr. not to move to Dallas?

The Busch Family Brewed: Family meeting
The Busch Family has a family meeting to discuss Billy Jr wanting to move to Dallas. Pic credit: MTV

Billy Jr. decides to take a trip to Dallas for the weekend to look at apartments, and he brings his wingmen Gussie and Jake along for the ride.

Gussie says in confessional that he’s looking forward to spending some time with Billie Jr to talk to him about Marissa.

They get to their room, and Gussie asks him how “invested” he is in the relationship.

He says it’s tough to get “more serious” when they’re doing the long-distance thing. Thus, why he is considering moving to Dallas.

Jake turns to Gussie and asks, “Do you think if he asks for her hand in marriage a week from now… that she’d probably say yes?”

“Oh, yeah,” he replies and Billy Jr. jokes, “Who wouldn’t say yes to this? Are you kidding me?”

Jake says, “The verdict’s still out,” and explains that he doesn’t want to judge her too much because he hasn’t been around her enough to really get to know her.

Sunny days in LA

Next, we see Haley moving into her new apartment in LA.

Mom is, of course, there to help. She asks mom if she feels she made the right decision moving back to LA, and mom reassuringly says yes.

Mom also tells her how much she loves California and that she might like to buy a house out there.

Mom brings up Billy Jr. and his situation with Marissa. Haley says, “Everyone should just back off and let him figure it out.”

Mom is frustrated, but Haley continues sharing her opinions.

“He’s grown. He needs to be able to make decisions and then learn from them.”

Mom says she doesn’t want to let her kids make “those kind of mistakes.”

While mom doesn’t want Marissa and Billy Jr. living together, Haley is supportive.

Apartment hunting

Marissa and Billy go to look at some apartments in Dallas. This is the first time Marissa has ever gone to look at a place with a significant other, and she’s super excited.

The first place they look at is a 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartment with an awesome view of downtown Dallas. It’s amazing.

They both love it and start talking about what it would be like living there… having their own place together.

She asks if he can really see himself living there, and after saying yes, he makes a comment about splitting the rent.

“I think it would be in our best interest to split the rent 50/50, so we’re in this together.”

She laughs and says she feels that’s “kind of insulting.” He explains that he doesn’t want his family and friends to get the wrong idea and think that she’s just using him.

Good for you, Billy. Show her you won’t be taken advantage of.

After the initial shock of his comment, they sit down to talk about everything, and she tells him, “of course, I’ll split the rent 50/50. That shouldn’t even be a question.”

Good for you, Marissa. Show him you’re not a gold-digger.

Haley misses Clark

Mom and Haley are out for a hike in LA, and they stop for a while to sit and chat. Mom asks Haley how she’s feeling about the whole Clark situation, and she says she misses him.

“I miss having a best friend that you talk to every day. We haven’t spoken since I told him we needed a break.”

Don’t worry, Haley. Mom will be that best friend for you.

Haley shares her feelings about her disappointment in Clark.

“Maybe I’m just more of a hopeless, romantic, whatever, fairytale kind of person. I mean, I’m just disappointed. I thought he would care enough or love me enough to fight harder and to do something.”

Mom agrees 100 percent. Neither understands how Clark could give up so easily and hasn’t made a gesture to show how much he truly loves her and wants to be with her.

Mom asks, “If he asked you to marry him tomorrow, would you?”

She tears up and says, “I don’t know.”

Mom gives her a hug and tells her “Enough about Clark. Let’s go do something fun. Show me the nightlife.”

Out with the girls

Haley takes mom out for drinks with a few of her girlfriends and mom says she wants Haley to jump right back into the dating game.

They get a round of shots and start chatting it up with their server. Mom gets up on the bar to dance and they’re having a great time.

Jake and Gussie discuss Billy Jr.’s big move

They’re concerned that he will make his mind up about moving to Dallas without even talking to them about it first.

They talk more about how she DM’d Gussie first and whether they should tell Billy Jr. about that or not.

Marissa and Billy Jr. meet up with them and they tell the boys about the apartment they found that they both liked.

Jake and Gussie express their concerns about how fast they are moving. Billy was expecting a completely different reaction and they all start arguing.

Jake mentions the DM situation and tells him the family is worried Marissa is a gold-digger. That sets Billy off and he ends up throwing a drink on Gussie.

Marissa and Billy Jr. leave.

Marissa feels like Gussie is trying to put a wedge in their relationship. She asks Billy what she can do to prove she is not using him for his money and be accepted.

He tells her not to worry about it. He knows the truth, and that’s all that matters.

Will Billy Jr. move to Dallas?

Will Haley completely move on from Clark?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

The Busch Family Brewed airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on MTV

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