The Busch Family Brewed recap: Billy Jr. and girlfriend Marissa talk long-term and Jake gets a makeover

The Busch Family Brewed: Marissa and Billy Jr.
The Busch Family Brewed;s Marissa and Billy Jr. driving to the Busch family home – Pic credit: MTV


The Busch Family Brewed: Marissa and Billy Jr.
The Busch Family Brewed’s Marissa and Billy Jr. driving to the Busch family home. Pic credit: MTV

Billy Jr. introduces us to his girlfriend of one year, Marissa, who lives in Dallas. They are doing the long-distance thing.

Marissa works in Marketing for Anheuser Busch company, and Billy Jr. jokingly says since the Busch family no longer owns it, “she’s working for the enemy.”

In the confessional, Gussie explains how the two met. Marissa slid into the Instagram DM’s of BOTH Gussie and Billy Jr. one morning. It looks like she wanted a Busch boy and didn’t care which one she got.

It turns out that she messaged Gussie first. About a week later, Billy Jr. informed Gussie that he spent the night with her. Gussie did not think it would turn into a real relationship.

Billy Jr asks Marissa if she wants to stay in Dallas or if she would be willing to move somewhere else. She answers, “I want to be where you are.”

Christi and Billy Sr. have only met Marissa a few times and are anxious about her staying at their house for the first time. They’re skeptical about Marissa’s intentions with Billy Jr. and think she may be in it for the name/fame — and the money.

Gussie tells Maddie a story that Haley told him about the first night Billy Jr and Marissa met.

They were at a club, and Haley overheard Marissa telling her friend, “oh my God, I’m going to Billy Busch’s table, he got bottles for me.”

They are all worried that she’s “money-hungry” and is using him. Haley says she doesn’t want Billy Jr being with someone like that.

Back on the Busch family farm

Billy Jr. shows Marissa around the farm, and then mom takes him out for a drive to talk. She asks if he’s met her parents yet, and he says, “not yet.”

She questions why and he says there’s no reason; he just hasn’t gotten around to it yet. Mom lets him know about her concerns that Marissa might not be in it for the right reasons.”

Billy says he feels like this is the healthiest relationship he’s ever been in and doesn’t think his mom would approve of anyone he was dating.

Jake gets a makeover

Family friend Jake is always the butt of the Busch sibling’s jokes, because of his complete lack of style and because he has “zero game” with the ladies.

They want to help him find a nice girl to date, so they decide to give him a makeover. They think it will help him feel more confident.

Jake arrives at the Busch house wearing a blue Hawaiian shirt, plaid shorts, a flowered cap, Velcro shoes, and some awful dollar store-looking sunglasses.

They steam his face, wax his eyebrows, apply face masks, and even try some laser hair removal, which he did not like at all. This is hilarious to watch.

They tell him that he needs to start dressing with “more swag… a little hipper… cooler” and start throwing out a bunch of ideas. They then inform him that they’re going to take him out for a “practice date.”

A little later, we see him meet Haley, Maddie, and mom Busch for sushi and drinks.

He looks good. His hair is styled, and he’s wearing a bomber-type jacket, plain white t-shirt, nice jeans, and decent shoes. Mom tells him they’re going to pretend they’re on a date.

How awkward? This should be fun.

The Busch Family Brewed: Jake
The Busch Family Brewed’s Jake gets a Makeover (Before and After). Pic credit: MTV

Jake gets some dating practice

The waiter comes over, and Jake orders up some drinks. FAIL #1. He didn’t ask the ladies what they wanted or let them order for themselves.

Mom gives him some “conversation” tips about asking questions and giving compliments. He practices on Mom and does well.

The food arrives, and Jake immediately picks up a roll with his chopsticks and tries to feed it to Mom – and then Haley. FAIL #2. Mom reprimands him for this and tells him not to do that on a date.

A few seconds later, he gets a text message. He immediately grabs his phone to check it. FAIL #3.

Mom tells him, “you don’t do that on a date,” and Haley says, “when you’re on a date, you need to be more interested in the girl… you don’t want to take your phone out.”

Mama Busch lovingly says, “the girl of your dreams is out there, Jake.”

Jake is grateful for the makeover and says he will heed their advice.

The topic of conversation switches to Billy Jr.

Jake says, “with Marissa and Billy, there are certain things that to me, don’t feel right.”

He doesn’t like that she found him online and slid into both brothers’ DM’s. “She sought him out, it became something, and now we’re here.”

They all feel Billy is just content and comfortable in the relationship and isn’t thinking about her possible motives.

Mom is worried that Jake also has concerns about Marissa but says she will still try to remain open-minded about her.

Let’s Sweat it out together

Billy Jr and Marissa go to the gym to work out. Billy is having fun taking photos/videos of Marissa while she’s working out. (primarily of her butt)

After sweating it out for a while, they sit down to take five, and Marissa tells him she doesn’t want to go back to Dallas. He feels the same and says, “I wish you could just freakin’ stay…. things are just better in general when we’re together.”

She agrees and says she can’t do long-distance forever and they need to figure things out.

The Busch Family Brewed: Billy Jr and Marissa
The Busch Family Brewed’s Billy Jr and girlfriend Marissa at the gym. Pic credit: MTV

Will Marissa move to St. Louis?

Will Gussie or Jake mention their concerns about Marissa to Billy Jr.?

Don’t miss The Busch Family Brewed Thursday nights at 9/8c on MTV

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