The Busch Family Brewed Season 1, episode 2 recap: Clark needs to sh*t or get off the pot

The Busch Family Brewed: Haley and Clark
The Busch Family Brewed’s Haley and Clark discuss the future of their relationship – Pic credit: MTV

Was anyone else disappointed that Haley and Clark didn’t get engaged while in Paris on the second episode of Busch Family Brewed?

Her family planted many seeds before they left, and Haley was definitely starting to get nervous and excited that it might happen. Unfortunately, it did not.

Christi says she’s not upset that a proposal didn’t happen but says, “if you’re not going to propose why would you take a girl to Europe? Why not go somewhere like Florida – it’s cheaper.”

She was married with three kids at Haley’s age.

Boys will be boys

Billy Jr, Gussie, and their buddy Jake start partying it up at the parent’s house. They’re spraying beer all over the place, and mom comes running in to calm things down.

After they clean up a bit, they start talking about Haley’s trip and Clark not proposing. Said they need to “go to the source” and talk to Clark to get some answers.

Say yes to the dress

Mom and the girls are out shopping for a Prom dress for Maddie. They ask about the boy she is going with because they don’t know anything about him. Mom is worried about her going on a date with a boy.

While trying on dresses, they start asking her questions like “what if he tries to kiss you.” She gets a little embarrassed.

Haley asks if mom has given her “the talk” and things get uncomfortable.

Back on the farm

The boys grab dad and meet up with Clark for some skeet shooting. After a few rounds of shooting, dad asks Clark if there’s any “news out of Europe.”

He says no, and dad tells him they’re lucky to have each other. Tells him, “you only have one shot… one chance… make it count.”

He asks him if he thought about asking Haley to marry him in Paris, and he says it definitely crossed his mind.

Gussie says he thinks Clark is “being a bit*h” and asks him if he has any kind of timeline. Clark is feeling the pressure and wants this conversation to end.

Gussie says “pop the question dammit,” and he replies, “conversation over.” Really awkward. Poor guy.

Billy Jr. proposes a bet that if Gussie beats Clark, Clark has to set a date to propose, and if Clark beats Gussie, Gussie will have to get off his case about it. And the contest begins…

Clark wins, and the pressure is off – for now.

The sex talk

Maddie is getting ready for the big dance, and mom is really nervous about it. She asks Maddie if she has any questions for her. Maddie asks how old she was when she lost her virginity.

Mom says, “ask another question.” LOL. She wasn’t expecting that one. She proceeds to tell Maddie that she is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to boys.

They start talking about the “bases.” First base – kissing. Then she asks Maddie, “what is second base these days?”

You can tell Maddie is very uncomfortable and does not want to be having this conversation. She flat out asks Maddie what base she’s been on, and Maddie tells her nothing further than first base. Mom is relieved.

Mom gives her a few pieces of advice: “don’t drink alcohol, don’t take naked pictures of each other, and keep your drink with you at all times.”

Maddie wants it to end and asks mom if there’s anything else she would like to say. Mom replies, “how do I get on that invite list.”

Watch a clip of the sex talk here.

Haley and Gussie out for drinks

Haley asks why he is so concerned with her getting engaged, and he says he just thinks it’s about time. She tells him the ball is not really in her court right now, and he says, “it kind of is.”

Tells her she should give him an ultimatum. She doesn’t agree and believes Clark wants everything in his life to be “in order” before taking that step.

Haley says she does want to be married, but she also wants a job and career. She always thought she would have something different in her life, not just stay in St. Louis and live the same life she did growing up.

Gussie asks her, “what if he asked you to marry him next month… do you think he would move with you out to California?”

She says she thinks he would definitely take the time to go and see her but doesn’t think he would pick up and move.

Gussie feels like Haley has sacrificed a lot for the relationship, and it’s Clark’s turn to man-up and propose or let Haley go to take a break and do her own thing.

Maddie’s first Prom

Maddie is ready to go, and mom tells her not to forget anything they talked about.

Her date Max and a group of friends arrive. Dad tells the boys to keep their distance when dancing and no kissing. Mom asks the group if they’ve had “the birds and the bees” talk recently.

The kids are speechless, and Maddie is mortified.

They take some cute pictures, and Billy Jr and Gussie bust in (shirtless) to “ruffle their feathers” and intimidate the boys a little. Maddie is totally embarrassed and apologizes to her friends.

Haley confronts Clark

Haley decides to throw the subject of moving back to LA out there to see how Clark reacts. She asks him if he would be willing to spend time in LA, and he says it depends on his work schedule.

She looks disappointed. It was not the answer she was hoping for.

She tells him she wants to go to LA for more auditions and explore some opportunities and wants to know if he would be willing to make an effort to make it work.

She reminds him that the has sacrificed a lot to come back to St. Louis to be with him for the last four years.

She asks if he would ever want to leave St. Louis. He says he cares about what she wants to do, but his work is there in St. Louis, and he has many obligations there.

He changes the subject and starts talking about the food. She’s worried that their paths are not going to be moving in the same direction.

Will things work out between Haley and Clark or is a breakup inevitable? I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

The Busch Family Brewed airs Thursday nights on MTV 9/8c

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