The Busch Family Brewed: Episode 1 recap: Who are the Busch Family Brewed?

The Busch Family Brewed: Meet the Family
The Busch Family Brewed: a family that brews together stays together. Pic credit: MTV

We meet Billy Bush and wife Christi, and he talks a little about the history of the Busch family and the success of the Anheuser Busch beer company.

Christi says she grew up a lot differently in a middle-class family.

We learn that their family no longer owns Anheuser Bush but that they are now building a new brewery and legacy for their kids. They are a very close family and do everything together.

The seven kids

Billy Jr. is their firstborn. He’s kind of wound-up all the time and needs to chill out a little bit

Haley is a romantic and nurturing. She has been dating the same guy for eight years.

Abbey is very outgoing and has zero-filter. She gets that from her dad.

Gussie just wants to have fun, party, and live life. A ladies man.

Grace is in college and is an equestrian rider. She never holds back, always tells it like it is.

Maddie is 16 going on 25. Very mature for her age and kind of bratty sometimes.

Peter is the baby of the family. Full of spunk. His sisters call him a spoiled brat, and he calls himself “the boss” of the family.

The kickoff barbecue party of the summer

Everyone is having fun playing games, drinking beer, and hanging out by the lake. There’s a pretty professional-looking firework show.

The next morning, we see the gang in the kitchen, and Peter grabs a popsicle out of the freezer. Breakfast of champions.

Grace and Maddie joke about how they would never have been able to get away with that when they were his age. Moms get a little soft after six kids.

Dad mentions some exciting plans in the works for building their brewery and how they’re “writing chapter two of the Busch brewing legacy… Beer business is in our blood.”

They will be building their new brewery on their farm in St. Louis. It will be the first brewery built in over 150 years by a Busch family member.

They plan to work hard and make some memories along the way.

Gussie says he had so much fun at the lake party that it made him want to move to the farmhouse.

He and Billie will be living there together. Said the privacy will be nice because “it’s tough to bring girls home when mom is always looking at the home security cameras.”

Mom gives her permission for them to live there but says they’d better not go crazy and need to take care of the place.

Love is in the air

Haley, Grace, and Maddie are going through racks of clothes. Haley is going on a trip to Paris with her boyfriend Clark, who was her high school sweetheart and first real boyfriend.

They’ve been together for eight years. Grace and Maddie suspect there might be a proposal happening on this trip.

They talk about the pros and cons of marrying the first (and only) guy you have dated, and Haley jokes that its funny getting relationship advice from her two younger sisters.

The farmhouse

Gussie and Billie Jr. arrive at the farmhouse after not seeing it for many years.

The place is covered in chickens. Chicken wallpaper, chicken paintings, chicken lamps, chicken décor galore.

I have a feeling the boys won’t keep them around too long, and there’s going to be some major redecorating happening at the farmhouse.

Gussie is in party mode already and pulls out his two-story beer funnel. They christen the farmhouse with the first funnel of the summer.

Girls day out

Mom takes the girls shopping for plants. The girls say they are their mom’s “whole world” and “only friends” and ask what she’s going to do when they all leave, and she doesn’t have anyone to hang out with.

To show how super close she is to all of them, they show us paintings they all had done when they were little, that she requires them to keep in their bedrooms.

They say how weird and creepy it is, and it seems like they would rather not have to look at them every day. Mom says they “keep them honest.”

Whatever that’s supposed to mean.

The girls tell mom she needs some friends. She says she doesn’t need friends that she’s happy making her kids happy and wants to be with them every moment.

Says she’s not a “helicopter mom” she’s a “stealth bomber” mom. LOL

They go out to lunch and talk about the possible proposal happening for Haley in Paris. Haley had been pursuing a career in acting out in LA and decided to put her career on hold to move back home to St. Louis to be with her boyfriend, Clark.

Now that she’s home, she’s trying to figure out the best way to have it all. Maddie thinks she needs to be more selfish and think about the things she wants in life.

Meanwhile… back at the farmhouse

Billie Jr. and Gussie do a beer bomb “cheers to freedom” and talk about their plans for getting the farmhouse ready to bring girls over.

Their friend Jake (who works for their dad) and Haley’s boyfriend Clark stop by with more beer and are all fired up to get the weekend going. They have a few beers and then ask Clark about the trip to France.

They ask if he’s going to propose to Haley, and he tries to avoid answering.

They know he’s probably going to do it and keep hammering him with questions. Did you tell our dad? Did you buy a ring? He gives them nothing and just smiles.

Good for him. If he is going to propose, he probably just wants it to be a surprise for Haley and doesn’t want to risk one of her brothers ruining that.

Love by the Lake

Haley and Clark are sitting on the dock by the lake and talking about their upcoming trip to Paris.

Clark gets a little romantic telling her about the lock bridge for lovers and says, “and of course, we have to kiss under the Eiffel Tower.”

Haley knows Clark usually likes to stay close to home and has a feeling something big is going to happen in Paris because he planned this special trip for her.


Next, we see Christi and Billy Sr. driving a horse-drawn carriage/coach across the farm. It’s kind of weird.

They stop by the lake and talk about the future and their kids. They are looking forward to this next chapter of their lives.

Will Gussie and Billy Jr. destroy the farmhouse? Will Haley get engaged in Paris?

Stay tuned for a recap of Episode 2.

The Busch Family Brewed airs Thursday nights on MTV 9/8c.

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