The Busch Family Brewed recap: Haley has a serious talk with Clark and Jake enters a wing eating contest

The Busch Family Brewed: Haley and Clark
The Busch Family Brewed’s Haley talking to Clark about their future. Pic credit: MTV

Relationship drama has been at the forefront of The Busch Family Brewed storylines, and we can’t wait to see what happens with Haley and Clark and meet Gussie’s new girl.

First, we see the girls are at the stables taking care of the horses, and they ask Haley if she’s talked to Clark lately. She tells them that she spoke to him and finally told him she wants to spend more time in LA and start pursuing her dreams.

Clark’s response was, “well, I’ll be in St. Louis, and you can come visit me.”

All Haley wants is for Clark to acknowledge what she wants and support her 100 percent.

She hasn’t told him that she’s made up her mind about moving to L.A. and she’s nervous to tell him because she knows that’s not what he wants.

Mom offers her opinion and says, “I think he’s hoping this is all a phase for you… now’s the time to put yourself first and do you, Haley. If it’s meant to be, it will be.”

Haley agrees.

Gussie is dating Grace’s BFF

We see Gussie out on an ice cream date with Grace’s best friend, Louise. Gussie says they “have a little thing going on… our chemistry is great, and we have a good time… we’ll see where it goes.

Gussie has dated a few of Grace’s friends in the past and she doesn’t like it, so he’s been keeping his dates with Louise hush-hush.

The two discuss coming clean to Grace and how they can make it work without rocking the Busch family boat.

It’s craft beer tasting time!

Mom, dad, Billy Jr., and Jake discuss breaking into the craft beer segment and how they can discover what styles of beer will appeal to consumers.

Billy Sr. asked their brewmaster to whip up a few craft beers for them to taste.

First up is a cream ale. They don’t like it. Mom says it’s awful and tastes like bug spray.

Next up is a dark beer. It tastes weird, and mom says it “tastes like cigars.” Billy Jr says, “we definitely cannot sell that one.”

Billy Jr. mentions he has some marketing ideas for bringing people to the new brewery.

He suggests doing wing eating competitions. One of his favorite local bars happens to be having one and he wants to check it out to see what kind of crowds it brings in.

They decide to sign Jake up for it because he has won a few wing eating competitions in the past, and they think it would be fun.

Haley goes to Clark’s house to chat

Haley comes right out and tells Clark she misses acting and that she’s going to start looking for an apartment in L.A. Clark wasn’t expecting that. “Wait, what? Why?” he asks.

Haley explains “I’m 25. I’m still young. I moved back here to be with you and to help dad with the company, but you know… we’re not married, and we can’t just sit around and wonder ‘what if.’”

She doesn’t want to have to choose between work and love, but since Clark isn’t stepping up and committing to her, she has made up her mind about moving to L.A.

She tells him she wants to chase her dreams, and he tries to be a little supportive. Tells her, “if you want to go back out there and get after it, I think you should.”

He says they can try to just figure it out as they go. This wasn’t exactly the reaction Haley was hoping for.

Back at the Busch house

Haley is packing for L.A. and tells mom and dad about her talk with Clark. They’re worried Clark will never support her acting career because his life is settled in St. Louis and he hates California.

He also doesn’t like the idea of doing the long-distance thing because he doesn’t want to have to travel back and forth.

Haley wishes he would be willing to make some sacrifices for her because she has sacrificed a lot for him. Mom wants her to stand up for herself and what she wants.

Says, “I think it’s time you both figure out where you want to go from here.”

The wing eating contest

Jake arrives ready to rumble in a superhero costume. Everyone is amped up and ready to eat some wings.

Gussie shows up with Louise. I guess this is how they’ve decided to tell everyone the news. It’s extremely awkward, so the two go to the bar to get some drinks.

Grace is pissed.

Says he’s just a “player,” and she’s sick of him dating her friends. She doesn’t think it was okay for him to bring her and goes to talk to him.

She feels like he doesn’t have any respect for her or care about her feelings. She tells him he should’ve told her what was going on with Louise. She’s extremely mad and walks away.

In a confessional, Gussie says he “just won’t bring Louise around anymore” until Grace cools down about it.

The wing eating contest begins, and Jake looks like he’s crushing it. Jake wins!!! YAY!

Jake jokingly says they should name a wing sauce after him and sell it at the new brewery. LOL, it’s not a bad marketing idea.

The Busch Family Brewed: Jake
The Busch Family Brewed’s Jake practicing eating wings before the contest (deleted scene). Pic credit: MTV

Haley asks Clark to meet her by the lake

You can tell Clark is nervous that Haley wants to “talk” again, and he asks her “what’s going on?”

She tells him she’s had a lot on her mind and has been thinking a lot about LA and their relationship. They haven’t discussed their future, and she needs to know if they are on the same page.

She tells him she’s been frustrated because it doesn’t seem like they are “going in the same direction.”

We’ve been together for eight years… something’s got to give now.”

He says he 100 percent sees her point and knows she wants to continue her career. Says his plan was to commit and get engaged to her, but Haley reminds him that it hasn’t happened,

She doesn’t want to sit around waiting for that to happen.

Clark asks her why she can’t just bounce back and forth like she’s been doing and says, “you don’t even really have to have a job because your family already has a lot of money.”

Big mistake, Clark.

Haley is pissed by that remark and calls him out for never wanting to compromise and sacrifice anything for her. “You’re not going anywhere, and you know it,” she says.

He tells her he loves her and he doesn’t want her to leave.

The Busch Family Brewed: Clark and Haley
The Busch Family Brewed’s Clark telling Haley he loves her. Pic credit: MTV

You can tell she’s anxious. She tells him, “I don’t want to be a part-time girlfriend. It’s hard to see the future and how we’re going to make that work”

Clark expresses to her again that he wants to be with her, and she feels like he’s just telling her what she wants to hear. She feels like she can’t keep going like this… always trying to make him happy.

And then she finally spits it out…

“I think we just need to take a break… I just need time for me.”

Did that just happen? Did they just break up for good?

Looks like Haley is finally ready to start her own journey in LA.

Watch The Busch Family Brewed Thursday nights at 9/8c on MTV

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