The Busch Family Brewed recap: Long-distance love and rekindling fires

The Busch Family Brewed: Marissa and Billy Jr.
The Busch Family Brewed’s Marissa and Billy Jr. talk about their long-distance relationship. Pic credit: MTV

On this week’s Busch Family Brewed, Billy Jr. mulls a big decision and lets his parents know he is thinking of leaving for Dallas.

Christi is out with the girls walking the dogs, and the girls tell her it’s unhealthy to spend so much time with the kids, and she needs to start doing some things for herself.

Mom tells the girls that dad just asked her out on a date, and she’s really looking forward to it.

They discuss Billy Jr.’s relationship and how he’s reached the one-year mark with Marissa. Typically, he bows out after about one year and they’re wondering if the same will happen with her.

Mama Busch doesn’t think she’s in it for the right reasons. She’s hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

Billy Jr.’s one-year mark

Billy Jr. and Marissa go out on a date for their one-year anniversary. He says this is the longest relationship he’s ever had and that he sees a future with her.

They discuss not wanting to do the long-distance thing anymore, and Billy asks her to come and stay with him in St. Louis.

She mentions the option of him moving to Dallas, and he jokes about her moving into his room with him at his parents’ house.

The guys go shopping

The boys take Dad out to look for some new clothes for his date with mom.

They put him in a pair of skinny jeans, and he calls them “nut huggers.” LOL. They tell him he needs to “loosen up” and try to “be cool.”

Billy Jr. and Jake go to lunch

Jake asks about Marissa, and he says he loves her. He wants it to be more serious.

Jake jokingly asks, “Do you love her like your socks, or do you love her, like you LOVE her?”

He reiterates that he does love her and that he’s considering going to Dallas. Jake shares his concerns about Marissa but tells him he will support whatever he decides to do.

Date night

Christi and Billy Sr. go out for dinner and drinks. Mom likes hubby’s new outfit. They spend some time reminiscing about when they first met and the type of dates they used to go on back in the day.

Dad grabs her hands and tells her, “You look as beautiful now as you did when we first got married. Do you think we can have a little fun tonight?”

“Busch Stadium Club?” she asks.

“Yeah, and if it’s not open, we’re going to have to break in,” he replies.

Mom jokes and says, “We might go to jail. Are you willing to go to jail for me?”

He smiles big, chuckles and says, “Hell yes, I’m willing.”

Back on the farm

Christi and Billy Sr. discuss the final design stages of the new brewery and look at some blueprints.

Dad shows her a spot on the prints and tells her, “This will be yours and my secret room. We’ll call it the roll-in-the-hay office. What do you think?”

“What. Are you going to put hay in the room?” she asks, and they continue half-joking about working something like that into the plans.

These two are just too cute.

The Busch Family Brewed: Christi and Billy Sr.
The Busch Family Brewed’s Billy Sr. smiling lovingly at Christi. Pic credit: MTV

Billy Jr. arrives to check out the design plans and asks how long it’s going to take to build the brewery. He nervous about telling them he’s considering moving to Dallas.

Dad tells him it’ll be a little over a year, and Billy Jr. breaks the news to them that he may want to go out to Dallas for a while so he can see what it’s like spending time with Marissa full-time.

The look on Moms’s face was priceless. She was not expecting this at all and was totally shocked and upset. She does not approve at all.

Mom asks, “Why now?” and he tells her “Because we really love each other.”

He wants them to really get to know Marissa like he knows her. He doesn’t think anyone will ever live up to Mom’s standards.

Mom calls a family meeting

They gather all of the kids (and Jake), tell them about Billy Jr.’s news and express how they don’t feel he is ready for all of this. Haley chimes in and said he’s old enough to figure it out for himself.

Mom brings up the red flags and says she feels Marissa is just using Billy Jr. to make a name for herself.

Gussie mentions her Instagram account and how she’s always posting photos of all of Billy Jr.’s “nice stuff.”

Mom says, “We need to be concerned about these things.”

Jake reminds everyone that Marissa popped into Gussie’s DM’s first. Mom suggests that Gussie and Jake talk to Billy Jr. about all this.

Will anyone tell Billy Jr. how they’re all feeling?

Will he move to Dallas to be with Marissa?

The Busch Family Brewed airs Thursday nights at 9/8c on MTV

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