The Bachelor’s Zach Shallcross and Kaity Biggar reveal how many kids they want

Kaity Biggar and Zach Shallcross
Kaity and Zach share exciting details about their relationship. Pic credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin

Now that Zach Shallcross and Kaity Biggar have left the nest of reality television, it’s all about future planning for the happy couple.

The Bachelor viewers saw Zach and Kaity’s final moments on the March 27 live finale event, which ended in a heartwarming proposal and their first-ever public appearance as an engaged couple on After the Final Rose.

Immediately following the Season 27 finale, the two headed to New York to fulfill their first leg of press rounds.

Kaity and Zach stopped by Live with Kelly and Ryan, where they opened up about their relationship post-Bachelor and what future plans are currently on the horizon.

During a round of quick-fire questions, the two were asked how many children they were planning to have.

They answered with different numbers, which garnered a hilarious response all around.

Zach Shallcross wants one more kid than Kaity Biggar

At the same time, Zach revealed that he wants to have three kids, while Kaity said she wants two.

“Oh!” Kaity responded as they laughed it over, with the show’s host then joking, “Okay, one’s unplanned.”

Zach and Kaity also revealed that they want a summer wedding, with Kaity specifically picking the month of July as her preference.

The two formerly said they plan on setting a wedding date for 2025, giving them roughly two years to enjoy their engagement after such an expedited process.

Kaity and Zach have their first ‘real date’ post The Bachelor finale

While in New York City after the airing of the finale, Zach and Kaity took advantage of the restaurant scene and had their first “real life” date outside of the franchise.

The two went to Quality Italian in Midtown Manhattan, where they had dinner and a few espresso martinis to celebrate the momentous occasion.

When it comes to their newly conjoined life together, they have admitted that they most look forward to doing the “simple” things first — such as going out to restaurants and coffee shops.

Since they both lived in Austin before appearing on the show, they are also planning on getting their own place together sometime this summer, specifically after Kaity’s current contract as a travel nurse ends.

What does the couple think is the ‘secret’ to their relationship?

While Zach knew during his last date with Kaity on the show that she was “the one,” they have since maintained a healthy relationship that has been “stronger than ever” since filming.

Although many couples in Bachelor Nation tend to break up shortly after appearing on the show, Zach said that the “secret” to his relationship is the fact that they have strong communication and are able to fully trust one another — something they figured out very early on.

“She’s a great communicator,” Zach said of Kaity. “We talk through everything and the love has just gotten stronger and stronger.”

As the two head into the next stage of their relationship, it seems as if their foundation is strong enough to hopefully make them another Bachelor success story.

The Bachelorette premieres on Monday, June 26 at 9/8c on ABC.

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