The Bachelor’s Nick Viall supports Theresa Nist prenup, questions why Gerry Turner wouldn’t want one

Nick Viall arrives at WE tv's Real Love: Relationship Reality TV's Past, Present And Future Event held at The Paley Center for Media
Nick Viall is not a Gerry Turner fan. Pic credit: © Acosta/Image Press Agency

It’s no secret that Nick Viall is not a fan of Gerry Turner.

The former Bachelor star turned relationship advice guru has been taking aim at The Golden Bachelor star for a while now.

It all started when Nick took aim at Gerry over the allegations from a former fling who claimed The Golden Bachelor star wasn’t the nice guy we all thought he was.

In a shock report that came out right before finale night, a woman who remained anonymous detailed her months-long relationship with Gerry that started soon after his wife died and ended very badly.

Nick previously addressed that report with a comment about Gerry Turner moving on with another woman when his late wife’s “body was barely cold.

That is likely why Nick Viall was one of the few major members of Bachelor Nation who was not spotted at The Golden Wedding earlier this month.

Nick Viall takes aim at Gerry Turner again

It seems that Nick Viall is not done speaking out against Gerry Turner as he did it again this week.

Like last time, Nick was speaking to Page Six about The Golden Bachelor star when he took a shot at the oldest Bachelor Nation star regarding reports that Theresa Nist wanted a prenuptial agreement and Gerry didn’t want one.

“I think it was more than OK for Theresa to request one if she did,” The Bachelor star told Page Six.

He continued, “If it’s about love, then it really isn’t about anything else. So, yeah, it would be weird for him to decline the request, wouldn’t it?”

The Golden Bachelor viewers also question Gerry Turner’s intentions

The Golden Bachelor viewers have also questioned why Gerry Turner chose Theresa Nist over Leslie Fhima in the finale.

After all, Gerry made it seem like he would choose Leslie after his Fantasy Suites date with her. He told her she was “the one” and had her so convinced that she picked out her engagement dress and had even written her vows.

So it shocked everyone, including Leslie and Theresa, when he popped the question to Theresa and sent Leslie home.

After all the time he spent with both women, the only thing that seemed to change was that Theresa opened up about her career in finance, her knowledge of the stock market, and her success in day trading.

It was like we could see the dollar signs in Gerry’s eyes as Theresa spoke, and that also seemed to be where his interest shifted, and he decided she was the better fit for him.

Ever since, much of Bachelor Nation has been much more skeptical of Gerry Turner, which is why there has been such a reaction to reports that Theresa’s friends wanted her to get a prenup and Gerry balked when asked for one.

We don’t really know what happened between Theresa and Gerry, or if that was ever even a concern for them, as so many reports suggest, as neither of them has ever made a statement about it.

The Golden Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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