Theresa Nist’s friends urge her to get a prenup before marrying The Golden Bachelor star Gerry Turner

Theresa Nist on The Golden Bachelor
Theresa Nist’s friends are worried about her upcoming wedding. Pic credit: ABC

The first The Golden Bachelor wedding is coming up soon, and fans of the show can’t wait.

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist have also shared their excitement for the big day.

On The Golden Bachelor season finale, Gerry shared that they were in a rush to get married as they wanted to spend as much time as possible as a married couple.

Theresa has shared a similar sentiment, gushing over her new fiance every chance she gets.

The first The Golden Bachelor couple seem very much in love and ready to spend the rest of their lives together.

However, some of Theresa Nist’s friends hope she uses caution while committing herself to reality TV’s newest star.

Theresa Nist’s friends warn her to use caution after Gerry Turner’s shady past was exposed

Theresa Nist is clearly smitten with Gerry Turner, but some of her friends are apparently not convinced that he’s as good of a guy as he let on during his season of The Golden Bachelor.

As their wedding day approaches, a source told Life & Style, “He’s been caught lying, and people are telling Theresa to think twice.”

They’re referring to Gerry’s story of finally being ready to date again after the death of his wife. Right before finale night, one of his ex-girlfriends came forward and told a story about how she and Gerry began their relationship soon after Toni’s death, only to have what sounded like a bad breakup a couple of years later.

Gerry has also been called out for calling himself a restauranteur when his resume doesn’t exactly add up. He’s also talked about being a mediator but doesn’t mention his history of maintenance work.

The source said, “Now Gerry’s having to explain himself, and Theresa is questioning everything he’s ever said. Theresa’s friends are stressing the importance of having a prenup.”

Considering that Theresa Nist has a background in finance and only swayed Gerry to choose her after she excitedly told him about her love of the stock market, that might not be a bad idea.

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist are ready for their big day

Gerry and Theresa are ready to say their “I dos” on live television when the first The Golden Bachelor wedding airs on January 4.
They’ve been preparing their vows and even shared a bit about that on Tuesday on LIVE with Kelly and Mark.
On The Golden Bachelor finale, Gerry shared that they were in a rush to get married — after all, they weren’t getting any younger.
They have also shared that getting married on TV wasn’t their first choice, but their dedication to their The Golden Bachelor fanbase helped sway them to do a TV wedding. We’re sure the additional paycheck also helped convince them, but they didn’t discuss that.
The Golden Bachelor live wedding airs on Thursday, January 4, at 8/7c on ABC.

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2 months ago

Common sense since they both have fmlie(children) a prenup should be done by both.