The Bachelorette: Here’s which guys are left on Katie Thurston’s season after the big cut

Greg Grippo and Aaron Clancy anxiously sit on the couch with their hands clasped
Katie gives several guys the axe. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette Season 17 leading lady, Katie Thurston, had several guys on the chopping block during the latest episode. 

After saying some emotional goodbyes, especially to Connor B. who’s surprising exit had Katie, fans, and the men in the house crying, Katie narrowed down her top 7 men. 

Here’s who made the cut after Katie’s huge elimination episode. 

Greg Grippo remains a front runner 

Greg caught Katie’s eye on the very first night they met and his sweet and shy personality won him the first impression rose. 

Greg and Katie have a clear attraction to each other, even despite Katie feeling that Greg has “resting sad face”, and most men in the house believe Greg is likely their biggest competition in the house. 

After Katie revealed to Greg that she is in fact falling for him, it was no surprise that he received one of the six roses during the rose ceremony. 

Michael Allio still has something special with Katie 

Michael A. won over Katie and Bachelor Nation’s heart. Despite experiencing tragedy and hardship in his life, including the unfortunate passing of his wife, Michael A. continues to be one of the most joyful, warm, and friendly men in the house. 

Katie established that she feels deeply for Michael A., feeling particularly protective of him when he was brutally tackled during a group date. The lovable single father remains in great standing with Katie, and the rose she gave him at the most recent rose ceremony brings them one step closer to finding love with one another. 

Justin Glaze gets “married” on his one-on-one

This episode had two one-on-ones and, while Connor’s date ended in a heartbreaking breakup, Justin’s date consisted of a whole mock wedding as well as receiving a rose at the end of the evening. 

After getting dressed up in wedding attire, reciting vows, and smothering each other in cake, Justin and Katie acknowledged their chemistry and playfulness and agreed that they wanted to explore the relationship further. 

With such a huge sweep of men being sent home, Justin had the luxury of securing his spot even before the stressful rose ceremony. 

Andrew Spencer receives a coveted rose 

Andrew S. has been unafraid to be himself and have vulnerable conversations about both his past and interracial dating. His charming spirit has been appreciated by Katie, as well as the viewers, and Andrew S. currently appears to be one of Katie’s favorites in the house. 

While Andrew S. didn’t get much time with Katie in this most recent episode, the bond they’ve built appears to be strong enough for him to receive one of the few roses of the night. 

Blake Moynes moves his way to the top of the list 

Blake may have been a late arrival to the house, but he is quickly making up for lost time and establishing a passionate relationship with Katie. 

While fans found Blake’s boom box antics to be corny, it clearly meant a lot to Katie who needed cheering up after devastatingly sending Connor home.

Katie expressed feeling that Blake is surprising her by being so romantic. Both Katie and Blake seem to really see a future with one another, which led to Katie giving Blake the first rose during the latest rose ceremony. 

Mike Planeta has Katie intrigued 

Mike Planeta hasn’t got much time with Katie after the momentum of his heartfelt message during the “sex positive” group date. However, Katie does appear to be attracted to Mike and, despite the two seemingly being on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to sexual intimacy, they find each other endearing and relatable. 

It seems Katie will get to know Mike better in the coming episodes since he too received one of the final six roses. 

Brendan Quinn lives to see another day 

Perhaps the most surprising guy to receive a rose was Brendan Quinn, considering he and Katie haven’t necessarily had all that much screen time together. 

Clearly, Brendan has made more of an impression on Katie than has been shown on air because he survived the chopping block. 

Katie’s journey is getting down to the wire. With hometowns just around the corner, we’ll likely be seeing more emotional breakups and gain more insight into who Katie is really ready to marry. 

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC 

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