The Bachelorette: Erich Schwer pays tribute to his late father

Erich Schwer
Erich Schwer loses his father to cancer. Pic credit: @erich_schwer/Instagram

When Gabby Windey went to Erich Schwer’s hometown for his visit, she luckily got to meet his dad before he passed away.

Just weeks before Erich’s hometown visit aired on television, his dad, Allan Schwer, lost his three-year-long battle with cancer.

While his father’s death has taken a toll on Erich and his family, hopefully, seeing the show last night was a wonderful reminder of how great of a dad, son, and husband he truly was.

After dealing with such a tragedy and also having been gone to film the show away from his dying dad, Erich was happy to be able to introduce his father to Gabby before he passed.

Not only did his dad approve of her as a potential wife, but he loved how happy she made his son.

Recently, Erich paid tribute to his late father as he showed off a throwback photo, his memorial card, and his wedding ring.

Erich Schwer posts a heartfelt tribute to his dad, who recently passed

On his Instagram page, Erich posted a photo of himself as a baby, asleep and relaxed in his father’s arms, who was also down for a nap on the recliner.

Next to that photo, he included one of his dad on a motorcycle that they used for the front of his memorial program.

Moreover, Erich held onto his father’s wedding ring as he slipped it on the tip of his index finger to capture all three items in one picture together.

He captioned the photo, and his post, with just one simple thing that speaks volumes: a red heart.

Bachelor Nation alums and fans respond to Erich Schwer’s post

Tyler Norris, one of Rachel Recchia’s final four contestants, was the first to comment on Erich’s post as he wrote, “Love ya brotha you are where you came from and you’re one of a kind man.”

A Bachelorette fan site then stated, “i’m so sorry for your loss [red heart[ he’s so proud of you,” and Logan Palmer, who allegedly left because he had COVID-19, declared, “he raised a good man.”

Ethan Kang, who made the legendary comment fans are talking about when he called Tino Franco a ‘baby back b***h‘ after he was pouting, said, “Love u buddy [red heart and three praying hands emojis].”

Zach Shallcross, who just revealed to Rachel that he is totally, one hundred percent in love with her, commented, “Love you bro.”

Contestants from this season of The Bachelorette give their condolences to Erich.
Pic credit: @erich_schwer/Instagram

As more fans expressed they were sending their love and condolences to Erich and his family after losing a loved one, even Rachel herself wanted one of Gabby’s men to know she was thinking of him as she shared, “Thank you for sharing this moment with us all, sending your family love.”

Rachel Recchia and other fans show support for Erich and his family.
Pic credit: @erich_schwer/Instagram

As Erich and his family continue to grieve the loss of a good man, it seems he has many friends and fellow Bachelor Nation men who have rallied around him to help comfort him amid the devastating loss.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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