The Bachelorette: Fans are throwing around conspiracy theories on why Logan Palmer really left the show

Logan Palmer
Logan Palmer’s exit from The Bachelorette has people talking. Pic credit: ABC

Logan Palmer made some waves a couple of weeks ago when he wanted to switch sides from Rachel Recchia’s group of men to Gabby Windey’s.

As Logan talked to Gabby about making the move, she allowed him to stay with her group on the show because of her initial connection with him.

However, shortly after switching to Team Gabby, Logan suddenly had to leave the show after talking with host Jesse Palmer.

According to what Jesse revealed to Gabby, Logan had to leave immediately due to having COVID-19.

But viewers then watched as he told Gabby’s other guys that Logan had to leave the show due to a situation.

Now Bachelor Nation fans are speculating and throwing out their thoughts and opinions on whether Logan really left due to having COVID-19 or because of something else.

Bachelor Nation is throwing out conspiracy theories about Logan Palmer

On Reddit, there is an ongoing thread of viewers talking about what actually happened with Logan on the show. There are many conspiracies, including inappropriate relations with an outsider, drugs, and/or something else morally wrong.

One user wrote, “Something fishy happened AND they are TOTALLY trolling us. They knew we would all know this was fishy AND Mike Fleiss just ‘liked’ a tweet saying that there is a conspiracy.”

Reddit commenter about the conspiracy theory
Pic credit: @u/jenjas455/Reddit

Another person loved the thread but had a question about why they canceled the evening part of the group date, regardless of what happened with Logan.

In response to that inquiry, another critic answered by saying, “CONSPIRACY: they didn’t. There’s a missing group date night portion that’s been edited out completely.”

This person went on to say that production and Jesse were frazzled and weren’t sure what to do after whatever happened, happened. It’s then stated that this is why Jesse called it a situation to the men but made Gabby put her dress back on and go with the lie that Logan had COVID-19.

Additional comments asking about the group date and the reply noting that the group date could be edited out
Pic credit: @u/jenjas455/Reddit

One viewer brought up the alleged rumor of Logan Palmer cheating

Some fans have heard rumors that Logan had some inappropriate relations with a woman on the cruise ship, which is why they didn’t want to make it public.

A user posted to the Reddit thread and stated at first that it was Erich, but they then said the initial person gave the wrong name, which was supposed to be Logan.

However, the alleged rumor was that he did some shady things with a hairdresser who worked on the cruise ship and/or a producer working with the show.

Reddit user comment talking about rumors with Erich that could have been about Logan
Pic credit: @u/jenjas455/Reddit

Other Bachelor fans have theories that drugs were involved

One person started a post with, “I think he got high in Amsterdam. Bad enough to get kicked off of the show, stupid enough to be called a ‘dumb***’ by Gabby, but not awful enough to be exiled and disliked by the guys.”

While the user said that some don’t view weed as that bad these days, it was probably a deal breaker for the show and something they signed off about not doing.

Another person following the thread responded to the previous message and brought up the conspiracy that maybe he used marijuana in the red light district during the group date.

If that had been the case, then Logan would have gone against the morals and values of the show, as well as posed a COVID-19 risk to others. Thus, those two things combined could have gotten him kicked off and called a dumb*** by Gabby.

Reddit comments discussing the possibility that Logan used marijuana in Amsterdam
Pic credit: @u/jenjas455/Reddit

Regardless of what happened with Logan, he is no longer in the running to be Gabby’s final winner. However, Bachelor Nation fans are hoping to get the truth and some clarity on these conspiracies during the Men Tell All segment.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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1 year ago

He was a sleeve bag anyway….both ladies dodged a big bullet!