The Bachelor: Here’s which couples are still together

Sean Lowe on the red carpet
Sean Lowe is the longest standing married The Bachelor star. Pic credit: ©

The whole purpose of The Bachelor is to help single men find love by surrounding them with a group of gorgeous single women so they can figure out which one should be their bride.

This is interesting because The Bachelor hasn’t been incredibly successful in putting together forever couples, even though the show has aired for 27 seasons now.

It’s also worth noting that the ladies seem to be a bit better at picking their mates, as they have a marginally higher success rate, despite their show only having aired 19 seasons since it all began.

It’s even more alarming to realize that none of the first 16 men to lead the show are still with their winner. Not a single one, despite nine of them getting engaged on the show.

In fact, out of the 27 seasons that have aired, there have been a total of 16 proposals, with nearly none of them making it to the altar.

And out of 27 seasons on the show, there has only been one marriage that is still intact and a total of three relationships that are still remaining since their respective seasons ended, with two of them being very recent.

Sean Lowe proposed to Catherine Giudici, and he meant it

Sean Lowe was The Bachelor lead for Season 17, and it’s been a decade since he met Catherine Giudici on the show.

He got the top spot after appearing on Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette and winning over the viewers.

During Sean Lowe’s season of The Bachelor, we met future Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock, one of the few leads from the spinoff to still be married to their winner.

Ultimately, Sean chose Catherine as his winner, with Lindsay Yenter coming in second place. Sean proposed on the show, and the pair were married a year later.

Now, Sean and Catherine have just celebrated 10 years together, with their 10th wedding anniversary in January.

They have three children together, Samuel, 6; Isaiah, 5; and Mia, 3.

Two unmarried Bachelor stars are still with their winner

It took even longer to get to the next successful Bachelor star, and that would be Matt James.

He’s highly regarded as one of the least favorite Bachelor stars, but why? When Matt was thrust into the spotlight as the next big lead, he had no experience with the franchise at all.

His best friend Tyler Cameron tried to win over Hannah Brown on her season, and because he was Bachelor-adjacent, Matt got an offer to be the star.

His season was clunky and weird as Matt tried to forge his own path, likely due to his unfamiliarity with the show and how things work. And despite his season and even his winner being in the middle of some of the biggest Bachelor drama, he and his pick, Rachael Kirkconnell,, are still together and seemingly more in love than ever.

Matt chose Rachael in March 2021, and he didn’t propose on the show. Instead, he made it clear that there was much more work to be done, and rightfully so. Then, the two went their separate ways, leaving Bachelor Nation to believe it was over — but it wasn’t!

Months later, Matt and Rachael came back together and worked things out, building an unbreakable bond likely to lead to marriage.

After Matt’s season, we met Clayton Echard, who didn’t stay with his winner, Susie Evans, even though much of Bachelor Nation wishes they would get back together.

And that leads us to the most recent season of The Bachelor, where Zach Shallcross chose Kaity Biggar.

Zach and Kaity seem pretty drama-free now that they’re on their own and both living in Austin, Texas. They’re even making wedding plans, telling The Bachelor host, Jesse Palmer that they are enjoying each other’s company right now but are planning to get married in 2025.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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