The Bachelor Clayton Echard’s dad weighs in on his choices

Clayton Echard
Clayton Echard gets an earful from his dad. Pic credit: ABC

It’s no secret that Clayton Echard has made some questionable decisions during his season of The Bachelor and he’s been called out over his choices plenty of times already.

Now even Clayton’s dad is weighing in on some of the bad Bachelor choices that have brought us to this point in the season.

Bachelor Nation fans know that after hometown visits with the final four girls, the final two women who are left also meet Clayton’s family as well.

What does Clayton Echard’s dad tell him?

In the previews after this past week’s episode, viewers see Clayton sitting down with his mom and dad and talking about the season and what he should do.

As Clayton gets emotional talking to his parents about how things have happened in the season, Clayton’s dad just bluntly tells Clayton how he feels.

He states that “the women have a right to be upset” and that Clayton “put himself in this situation and screwed the pooch, in my opinion.”

Viewers can guess that this occurs after Clayton reveals to the women that he has slept with two of them already and that he’s in love with all three of his final women, despite past Bachelor Ben Higgins giving him advice not to do just that. And he would know!

According to the previews and Bachelor creator, Mike Fleiss, this season will have a historic ending, and it might have something to do with the choices Clayton has made this season. Mike hints at the fact that the show “ain’t over til it’s over,” making it seem like the show may end on a cliff-hanger until After The Final Rose.

Bachelor Nation viewers have been upset with Clayton Echard this season for numerous reasons

Bachelor Nation fans have been unimpressed with Clayton as The Bachelor this season for plenty of reasons, varying from his fashion sense to his lip-licking and ultimately to his decision-making.

Fans jokingly, but kind of seriously too, gave Clayton a hard time for how much he licked his lips, telling producers, and Clayton, to get him some chapstick that worked. Moreover, Clayton was raked over the coals about his hoodie and blazer combo that he wore a couple of times during the first few weeks of the aired episodes. Viewers took to social media to post all sorts of comments, tweets, and memes about both subjects.

Clayton kept Shanae around for weeks after some of the women tried to tell him how Shanae behaved and what she was saying about other women in the house, specifically Elizabeth Corrigan. In fact, Elizabeth had to take to social media after being eliminated to ask fans to stop sending Clayton hate messages. Fans actually condemned Clayton for keeping Shanae around for so many weeks, accusing him of just wanting to sleep with her.

Furthermore, Bachelor viewers were upset with the phrase Clayton used on his one-on-one date with Teddi Wright, after she opened up to him and revealed she was a virgin. As Clayton responded with, “I would have never known,” fans drilled him for his insensitivity and acting like people can tell who is or isn’t a virgin just by looking at a person.

It seems as if Clayton has made decisions throughout the season’s entirety that will ultimately affect his future and the ending of this show. Will he end up with someone on finale night? Only time will tell.

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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