Temptation Island spoilers: Are Kendal and Erica still together?

Kendal and Erica from Temptation Island
There is a lot of speculation as to whether Kendal and Erica from Temptation Island are still together. Pic credit: USA Network

Speculation is swirling about the status of Kendal and Erica’s relationship after leaving Temptation Island. The couple had the opportunity to explain their own journeys on the island to each other and then have a discussion at the final bonfire.

The discussion got heated between the couple that came on the island with no boundaries, and the episode stopped short of a conclusion for the pair.

Kendal and Erica have been one of the most talked about couples to ever come on Temptation Island, and viewers are highly anticipating the decision each will make.

Kendal all but promised he would be leaving the island with Alexcys, but he also expressed his personal desire to make it work with Erica.

Viewers have seen Erica go through heartbreak watching Kendal hook up and form relationships with other women but have also seen her become more resilient. Her fans hope she will either leave alone or with Jessie.

The status of Kendal and Erica’s relationship

Based on their social media presence and actions, it seems like they may have left the island together but may not still be together present day.

Kendal follows Erica on Instagram, but she does not follow him currently. Erica stopped liking his photos in March while he still likes hers.

They both have posted cryptic captions to their pictures recently insinuating that self-growth has been the path they chose as of late.

The hype for the conclusion to their relationship has been real over Instagram, with both Kendal and Erica telling their followers to stay tuned until the final episode.

One follower commented on Kendal’s photo, “Given you a heads up yo girl isn’t stayin with chu.”

Kendal replied with a crying/laughing face emoji which could mean that he finds it funny people think Erica didn’t choose him when she may actually have.

Kendal responded to a fan who said he and Erica weren’t together. Pic credit: @kenkirk/Instagram

Fans weigh in on their hopes for the couple

When Erica mentioned kissing Jessie, Kendal deflected her questions and tried to switch it around on her when he was the one disrespecting her their entire time on the island, a notion that angered fans.

Many Temptation Island fans feel like Kendal’s narcissistic behavior, and superiority complex stop him from seeing past himself and how he hurts other people, namely Erica.

Reddit user comments
Reddit users weighed in with their thoughts on Kendal and Erica’s relationship. Pic credit: u/tinygingerninja1/Reddit

They fear that Erica will give into Kendal’s manipulation and leave the island with him if she is asked about her decision first.

Either way, Kendal did not gain many admirers as a result of his behavior, but Erica did gain supporters who want to see her succeed outside of this relationship.

Temptation Island airs on Tuesdays at 10/9c on USA.

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