Temptation Island: Here’s which couples stayed together and who broke up after Season 2

The four couples from Season 2 of Temptation Island
The couples went through a lot during their journey on the island, who was able to stay together? Pic credit: USA Network

Season 2 of Temptation Island had some very surprising drama for viewers to soak up, starting with a hook up on the first night.

There were costume parties, jealousy, new relationships, and even a threesome.

With all the fun and binge-worthy drama, came some hurt feelings and heartbreak as two of the participants left the island with someone other than their girlfriend or boyfriend.

In fact, none of the couples from Season 2 are still together, and all but one person is still single.

One couple rekindled after the island, and another couple hooked up once after filming.

Why so many Temptation Island Season 2 breakups?

Casey drove Ashley away on the island when he said he would be fine if they broke up. Ashley took that statement and hooked up with single Ben, whom she ended up leaving the island with.

Ben and Ashley lasted only a few days in the real world and Ashley ended up making out with Casey when she went back home to Florida, but the two have not done anything else since.

Esonica and Gavin had a lot of supporters of their relationship and fans that wanted to see them together. Unfortunately, Esonica decided to leave the island with single Kareem after Gavin’s pleas to continue the relationship.

Gavin and Esonica on Season 2 of Temptation Island
Esonica left the island with someone else after Gavin pleaded to stay together. Pic credit: USA Network

Esonica and Kareem ended up being just friends off the island.

David really hurt Kate when he had a threesome with two of the singles and then went on to leave the island with a different girl.

The plot twist is that viewers found out Kate took David back on the reunion show. That didn’t last long however, as they broke up shortly after and David moved to Miami from New Jersey.

Rick and Ashley had a very rocky experience during their time on the show. They both hooked up with other people but came together at the final bonfire and despite their hurt feelings, left the island together.

Rick and Ashley from Season 2 of Temptation Island
Ashley and Rick left the island together but ended up breaking up shortly after. Pic credit: USA Network

They were broken up by the reunion show, however, and both have remained single since.

Where are they now?

Kate seems to be the one thriving the most in love from Season 2. She has a new man, and a flourishing clothing and essential oils business.

Ashley moved to LA following her time on the island, but recently revealed that she is moving back to Florida.

Casey and David both live in Miami, workout a lot and are active on social media. Casey even has an OnlyFans.

Gavin and Esonica do not follow each other Instagram but do post frequently. Esonica is part of a few radio shows and has her own line of cosmetics while Gavin is trying to promote his acting.

Ashley is rocking pink hair and calls herself an influencer, while Rick is concentrating on his modeling.

If you want more Temptation Island fun and drama, Season 3 began a few weeks ago with all new couples and singles.

Temptation Island airs on Tuesdays, at 10/9 on USA.

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