Temptation Island’s Ashley Howland moves to an unlikely place

Ashley Howland from Season 2 of Temptation Island
Ashley revealed that she is moving to an unlikely place on Instagram. Pic credit: USA Network

Season 2’s popular sweetheart, Ashley Howland, moved to LA following her time on Temptation Island and her breakup and proposal refusal with Casey.

The Maine native launched her own swimsuit line there and appeared to be thriving on her Instagram.

Ashley posted a photo about moving but did not answer any fan questions at the time as to where she was moving to.

Later on, Ashley made an Instagram story surprise reveal to her followers, but she posed it as a poll question.

She said, “So I guess I’ll say it. I moved y’all! Guess where… (wink face emoji).” She gave the answers, Texas, Florida, New York, and Maine.

On Instagram, once a follower answers the question, the poll reveals if it was correct, and if it wasn’t, the correct answer is shown in green.

With that said, Ashley went down to Florida.

Why is Florida a surprising choice?

An Instagram Live post from Temptation Island's Ashley Howland
Ashley divulged that she is in Florida. Pic credit: @ashowland/Instagram

Ashley lived in Florida when she met her then-boyfriend, Casey, on a dating app. They were together a year and a half before going on the show.

It seemed to fans like she moved to LA after they broke up on the island to get away from that relationship. It also looked like she was successful there.

On the reunion show, it was revealed that Ashley went back to Florida before moving out west. While she was there, she met up with Casey and said they kissed but that was all. The other singles who are still friends with Casey said he told them they had sex that time.

Casey Starchak and Ashley Howland on Season 2 of Temptation Island
Casey proposed to Ashley during the final bonfire but was ultimately turned down. Pic credit: USA Network

Casey chose not to attend the reunion show, so he did not get a chance to confirm or deny any allegations.

She is in Cocoa Beach, Florida, which is not where Casey is at, but fans of the couple are wondering if they will rekindle since they are at least in the same state.

What is next for Ashley?

Ashley is single for now. After leaving the island with Ben, Ashley divulged that the relationship only lasted a few days in the real world. She visited him in New Mexico where he lives, and while they had fun, he broke up with her and said he doesn’t have time for a relationship.

He was also put off by the fact she kissed Casey.

Ashley said that she wants time to herself, and it appears that she is doing just that.

Fans are hoping for some kind of reunion show with the couples so all the latest tea can be revealed.

Temptation Island airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on USA.

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